Google paid a fine of $550 million in France to end a four-year tax investigation

The French Financial Prosecutor’s Office said today that Google had agreed to pay France a fine of 500 million euros ($548 million) to end a financial fraud investigation that began four years ago, Reuters reported.
Previously, French investigators had been investigating whether Google had concealed some of its business activities in France for tax avoidance purposes. In most European countries, Google pays only a small tax because it attributes almost all revenue in the European market to its Irish subsidiary.
France, Britain and other countries have long complained about tax evasion by technology companies such as Google in Europe. In February 2017, the French government asked Google to pay 1.6 billion euros ($1.79 billion) in taxes. In May, French police and tax officials raided Google’s French headquarters.
Antonin Levy, a lawyer at Google, said about the settlement with the French government today: “This settlement agreement will resolve all past disputes between the two sides at once.”


Loss of memory every two hours. What’s the matter?

A 16-year-old girl in Illinois, USA, was kicked in the head when she took part in an activity in June. At first, she thought it was only a concussion. Later, her family found that she lost her memory every two hours. Not only did she not remember where things were put, but she also lived every day on the day of injury, June 11.
Horner went to the hospital many times for examination, but the results of CT and magnetic resonance (MRI) were normal. There were no blood clots or tumors in the brain. The doctor told her that the symptoms could last a lifetime, making her very worried about her future and eager for someone to diagnose the problem.
Extended reading: what is amnesia
Amnesia is a disease caused by brain trauma. It is mainly divided into psychogenic amnesia and dissociative amnesia. Amnesia is characterized by the destruction of consciousness, memory, identity, or the normal integration of the environment, thus causing distress to life, but these symptoms can not be explained by physiological factors. Patients often don’t know who they are or feel like they have a lot of “me”.
(1) Temporary amnesia
(1) Temporary amnesia is caused by severe brain collision, resulting in hemorrhage, blood clots compressing part of the memory nerve leading to amnesia. After bleeding, the memory will be restored.
(2) Temporary amnesia usually occurs when people suffer from severe psychosocial pressure and change suddenly and temporarily through personal consciousness, identity or behavior coordination. It is easy to cause physical and mental collapse. If the consciousness changes, they can not remember important personal events, and then psychogenic amnesia occurs. If you are too nervous, you will temporarily lose your memory. For example, it is temporary amnesia to suddenly forget the lyrics or lines when performing on stage. It’s similar to the second temporary amnesia.
(2) Permanent amnesia
That is, human memory loss, loss, as computer memory data disappear, can not be found back.
How to treat amnesia
At present, there is no definite treatment, usually based on psychotherapy, including identifying and appropriately dealing with sources of stress, moderate listening, hypnotic therapy or drug-assisted talks, and encouraging patients to overcome symptoms (such as memories).


Eastern and Eastern Drug Addiction and Punishment

In recent years, many provinces and municipalities have promulgated relevant regulations, which clearly indicate that radio, film and television, literary and artistic organizations shall not invite persons who have been investigated and punished by the public security organs for drug abuse for less than three years to participate in the production of radio and television programs or in literary and artistic performances; nor shall they broadcast films, TV dramas, radio dramas and commercial endorsements that they participate in the production of. Program.
However, the news of drug-related stars is still frequent. Before that, Ke Zhendong, Zhang Mo, Fang Zuming, Wang Xuebing, Chen Yufan and others were blocked by drug-related activities. Singers who had sung famous songs such as “Don’t Say My Tears Are You OK”, “Cape Seven” were arrested for drug abuse and suspected of hosting others. It constitutes a criminal offence.
From Jan. 23 to Jan. 27, 2019, five defendants, Dai Mou-mou (artistic name “east-to-east intercourse”), Wang Mou-mou, and Chen Mou-mou, were detained in their villas for several times to take “happy water” (identified as containing methamphetamine or ketamine), K powder (identified as containing ketamine) and other drugs provided by the defendant Dai Mou-mou, during which, 2. From the evening of January 26, 2019 to the morning of the next day, Chen Mou took drugs in his room and died. According to the identification, Chen Mou was poisoned to death by ketamine and 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine.


The man hammered Ferrari to win the attention of 4S shopkeeper

After reading this news, Xiaobian once thought that it was the bad news of a boring Xiaobian editor, but after checking it on the internet, Xiaobian found that there really existed such a news. Recently, Guo Mou, a criminal suspect in Tianxin District of Changsha City, saw a spicy snack project in his hometown. At that time, Guo Mou expressed great enthusiasm for the project and wanted to make it bigger and stronger. However, he needed to give 4 million yuan of money, limited to his lack of money, so Guo Mou started to think awkwardly. When a man smashed a hammer and three million Ferraris turned into an accident vehicle, the traffic police were confused when they asked why.
Unexpectedly, this Guo Mou wants to find the owner of Ferrari 4S shop to finance his snack project. Guo Mou does not have the contact method of Ferrari 4S shop owner, so he did an amazing thing to attract the attention of Ferrari boss. Guo Mou took a big mallet and rushed directly to Ferrari 4S shop that day. He went straight to a high-end Ferrari Potofino car. He smashed the engine cap, windshield and door of Potofino with a big mallet.
Ferrari Potofino, as a representative model of high-end cars, has more comfort and usability. As an excellent high-performance car, 100 km acceleration time is only 3.5 seconds, carrying a 3.9 liter V8 engine. This potofino is very rare in China, so its price is very high.
This Guo Mou smashed this Ferrari Potofino into such a way that he believed he would pay a lot of money later. When Guo Mou smashed the car into such a shape, the shop assistant rushed to the police and caught him. However, this Guo Mou also said with some words that he smashed the car in their shop just to find the owner of 4S shop. To finance his snack project. Xiaobian read Guo’s work, really feel that Guo’s brain circuit is still very big, this time he finally did not find anyone to finance the snack project, after all, the latter half of his life, his food and drink Lasa were contracted by the police.


Three junior high school girls died on the 18th floor: they committed suicide hand in hand

On September 8, three girls fell from the upper floor of a residential area in Chongqing.

When the incident occurred in Chongqing, an insider revealed that the incident suddenly heard the loud noise of objects in the community, and the sound was very loud, and the residents upstairs were alarmed.

“There was a loud bang, and I was scared to death.” Some residents said this.

Nearby residents looked out from the window, but found that on the second floor of the shelter platform, faintly saw three petite figures.

Another insider said that three junior high school girls, holding hands from the 18th floor fell. In the evening, the community was cloudy and rainy, and there was a short-term voltage instability.

Subsequently, the fire, police and 120 rushed to the scene, after an hour of rescue, the three were sent to the ambulance. At the time, the three had no vital signs.

Currently, relevant information is being further confirmed.


Football coaches molest players

Athletes, always give a strong, sunny feeling, so that people feel that their life should be full of vitality, no one is afraid of the feeling!
In fact, they will encounter a variety of problems, and even be hurt!
Recently, it was revealed on the Internet that Chen Guanghong, head coach of Jiangsu women from 2005 to 2006, and Ling Yuyang, assistant teacher, had serious economic problems and lifestyle problems during their tenure.
The source said that during her tenure as head coach, Chen Guanghong often threatened and tricked the team members to strip off their clothes. If she did not comply, she would inflict all kinds of retaliatory abuse on them, even persuade them to withdraw and dismiss the team members.
Chen Guanghong and his assistant, Ling Yuyang, often impose huge fines on the players. If they dare not pay the fines, they will not take the players for training and force them to withdraw from the team. They also asked the parents of the players for property many times.
According to statistics, players have to pay at least 200,000 to 300,000 if they want to stay in the team. Moreover, the training subsidy paid by the players from the provincial Football Association Management Center was also forced to be handed over to the coaching group.
This kind of coach can be said to have reached the point of lawlessness! The use of juvenile football hobbies, extortion, and even indecent players, to the young children formed a very bad impact!
This coach also belongs to the “wolf” coach, usually in training bad temper, rough personality, always will slap the players! Don’t treat the players as human beings at all!
Hobbies are a hobby after all, although we can make a lot of efforts for it, but also to adhere to their bottom line! Like Chen Guanghong, when he finds out that he extorts money, molests children, beats and abuses children at will, he should report it in time. He can’t ignore the dignity of children because he wants to play football, and cause psychological shadow to children.
For such coaches and their assistants, I sincerely hope that they can be severely punished, but also like football children a fair!


Five games! IG defeated TES to become LPL’s third promotion to S9

The second day of S9, the iG team defeated the JDG team to advance yesterday. The momentum is booming. Today’s opponent is also the strong TES team. The two sides fought five games and the players were nervous. In the end, iG defeated TES by virtue of the toughness of the old team and became the third team in LPL to advance to S9 World Final. Congratulations on iG!
First game: TES got some advantages in the early stage, controlling the first dragon and the canyon pioneer, but when pushing forward the middle way, TES was a little reckless. The iG swordsman rushed to help the team make a 0-3 pull back and hold the central tower. In the mid-term regiment battle, iG lost successively and was killed by TES on the road. TES succeeded in winning the first dragon, but when it pushed up the ground, iG found the opportunity to kill the regiment. Later, it entered the rhythm of IG, took the second dragon and then destroyed TES and pushed down the highland of the middle road. The third Dragon Regiment, IG Chiana cut into the back row perfectly, cooperated with Sword Devil to kill TES Lucian once more, IG Regiment killed TES wave to end the game!
The second game: iG won a huge advantage in the early stage of the road, and TES pulled back some situation in the mid-term, but the second fire dragon group iG directly played 0 for 5 groups to destroy TES. Subsequently, iG two reckless groups were killed by TES, TES took the dragon and the second water dragon. With the growth of TES’s dual C equipment, TES won the battle and pushed down the highland. The third dragon group TES Xia played a brilliant live to the end, TES took down the dragon to break the iG highland, and then hit 1 for 4, a wave of pushing off the base to complete the turnaround.
Third game: In the early stage, iG chose to go on the road, killing Karma many times, and the advantage of iG on the field was greater. Then iG started to grasp the single rhythm, killing TES soldier in the field area, plundering map resources, and pushing out TES towers. TES Novo found a wave of opportunities to choose to go strong, but his teammates failed to keep up, and iG Chiana came in perfectly around the back to help iG play 1-4 to win the dragon.
Then iG carries dragon buff to divide, TES does not have too good method. After iG took down the two roads of TES, TES pig sister reluctantly opened the regiment, but was IG out of the group and ended the game.
The fourth round: TES is mainly on the road in the early stage while IG is on the way down. Both sides guarantee their advantages along the way. TES has eaten most of the outer tower coating to gain economic lead and pushed forward many times in the mid-term. iG’s tenacious resistance has found many opportunities to recover its disadvantage. Later, the TES prince found the opportunity to kill the spider, IG took the lead in reducing the number of players and then the regiment was unable to resist. The TES regiment ended the game with an iG wave and equalized the score.
The fifth game: after the defeat of the match, iG made a quick adjustment. In the early stage, TES invaded the pig sister wild area and helped the online establishment of its advantages. In the mid IG, ye Fu repeatedly searched for opportunities, successfully opened the regiment to help the team pull back the disadvantages and took the big dragon, and later IG got the big dragon and pushed it into the IG mode. Highland wins the game. IG beat TES 3-2 to become the third LPL team to advance to the S9 global finals!


Train-truck collision in Japan

At 11:40 a.m. Japanese time, a Beijing-Urgent Line from Tsingtao to Mitsakikou collided with a truck when it reached the first crossing of Kanagawa Shinzaki in Kanagawa District, Yokohama City, and the front part of the train derailed and tilted. Yokohama City Fire Department said 30 people were injured in the accident, including a man in his 50s who was seriously injured.
Beijing Emergency Railway disclosed that the accident occurred between Zhongmuhu Station and Xinding Station in Kanagawa. Meanwhile, police in Kanagawa County said they were notified of the fire and found smoke rising around the front of the car.
30 people were injured when the head of a Japanese tram truck derailed and tilted in a collision
Due to the impact of the accident, the tram between Kawasaki and Shangdaogang Station in Beijing Emergency has been suspended.
According to videos and photos uploaded by residents living around the accident site, it was found that the front of the car turned to the right, and the second carriage was derailed. There are constantly messages from netizens on the internet: “Are you okay?” “Black smoke is terrible!” And so on.


New King of FPX! FPX3-1 win over RNG win the LPL Summer Final

Beijing time September 6, experienced a summer of scuffle, in this season irresistible FPX Mercedes-Benz Center in Shanghai 3-1 victory over the veteran powerful RNG, won the first league championship since the establishment of the team, and entered the 2019 World Championship as the first seed of the LPL competition area.
FPX, the first league champion in two years, became the eighth LPL champion team
FPX won the championship
FPX E-Sports Club was founded in 2017. Like many teams that just entered LPL, in the 17 years and 18 years since its establishment, their achievements are not particularly outstanding. Their achievements linger in the middle and lower reaches of the League for a long time. Unyielding FPX experienced restructuring in 2019, introducing the former QG, RW trump card single Doinb, the strength has made a qualitative leap, the spring Tigers returned, although in the final round of the playoffs, JDG was only third, but after the rest of the off-season, the summer FPX was stronger. FPX also became the only team to beat LCK in the final of the Intercontinental Games in 2019. At the same time, FPX has become the eighth League champion team in LPL League history, following OMG, PE, EDG, LGD, RNG, WE and iG.
LPL015 Player Crisp Gets Final FMVP
At the end of the competition, Crisp, the assistant player, also got FMXP for the finals. Crisp joined OMG with Kuroko’s ID in 2014 and began his career. Although he and his team did not achieve exceptional results in the early stages of his career, after a few years of silence, he finally waited for Doinb in 2019 to achieve a magnificent reversal of his career. Although he didn’t have MVP in the summer regular season, the FMMVP was well-deserved in the four finals. Especially in the final game, his Titan helped the team to open up the situation in the glue period many times, and won the game with one hammer and one hammer.
500 + 300 RNG down-road duo make history
In this BO5, RNG’s downstream duo Uzi and Ming won 300 appearances in 500 LPL leagues respectively. Uzi is still active in LPL as an old veteran, since S2 joined the old royal family, has always maintained a super high level of competition. The record of 500 League appearances has also steadily occupied the top record of LPL players. After Ming’s transfer from YM to RNG, he spent most of his time with Uzi at LPL, and his 300 appearances have made him a reliable part of the RNG team.
The first game bloody surge RNG perfect operation first next city
First round BP
There was a fierce collision between the two sides at level 1, and Lwx’s Kasha was killed and bled. Five minutes later, the two teams launched another small-scale group battle in Hongfangye District. Doinb’s operation was inadvertently killed. Ten minutes, Tian found a wave of opportunities in the next road, killing RNG two groups to recover the previous disadvantage. Subsequently, RNG four people packed off the road, replacing FPX Nobu.
In the early stage, RNG got 3,000 economic advantages, 23 minutes. With the advantage in the early stage, RNG won Dalong. RNG, which took Buff, pushed forward and removed the FPX highland in 26 minutes. In 28 minutes, RNG was forced to open a regiment near the highland of the road by FPX, which killed four RNG people and slowed down the pace of RNG propulsion. Then FPX killed Karsa in the middle and replaced the dragon with two resurrected crystals. 38 minutes, get the RNG of the ancient dragon to destroy FPX in the middle route group and push out the crystal.
The second game Lwx Kasha eight kills Superstar FPX unwilling to show weakness to pull back a city
Second round BP
Six minutes later, the two teams collided underneath. The two sides fought in the field and joined the regiment alone. FPX took the lead in killing Karsa and got a blood. In 12 minutes, FPX took the lead in standing in Xiaolongkeng’s field of vision, taking the Earth Dragon and playing a wave 1 for 4. In 21 minutes, FPX killed four RNG men in the middle again, and then FPX took Dalong. Get the FPX of Big Dragon Buff and break the RNG two ways.
In 27 minutes, FPX pushed into the middle highland crystal. After a wave of pulling between the two sides, the FPX with huge economic advantages killed four RNG people, pushed the base down and pulled back one game.
In the third game, the FPX bounced back and forth to get the match point.
Third round BP
Early FPX captain was targeted, Karsa and Langx cooperated to kill Gim Goon to get blood. Nine minutes later, the two men wrapped it up again. Gim Goon’s two fists were defeated by four hands, and he was killed again. Sixteen minutes later, Gim Goon was killed for the third time on the sideline. The two sides exchanged towers and FPX took the vanguard of the canyon.
After nearly 30 minutes of stalemate, RNG found a wave of opportunities to steal the dragon. RNG with Dalong has gained some advantages. Rejuvenate the ancient dragon by dragging it to 35 minutes again. Karsa and two of his teammates were killed when he grabbed the ancient dragon from the Dragon Pit under the barrel E. The desired wave of FPX is destroyed by RNG clusters near the crystal. RNG pushed all the way to FPX and was killed by the resurrected FPX. Four FPX men pushed RNG Heights off and finished the race.
Fourth game FPX team won the top of LPL League in two years
Fourth round BP
Conflict broke out again between the two sides at the first level, and FPX assisted Crisp to send blood. Both sides went on to single the Imperial City PK, Gim Goon single-handedly succeeded, but after the revival of Langx, the TP line was subjected to military training. Eight minutes later, the two sides launched a 3V3 battle near the Second Tower of Lanfang Shanglu Road, and RNG exchanged waves for two. Get the canyon pioneer’s FPX and RNG exchange a tower up and down the road, hand-held Canyon pioneer’s FPX all the way to the highlands.
Fourteen minutes, FPX took the lead in the middle of the first difficult to play a wave of two for three. Twenty-six minutes later, RNG found an opportunity to take the lead in killing FPX ADC Lwx in the middle of the road, and the two economies remained balanced. Thirty-two minutes later, FPX killed three RNG people near the grasses on the middle road and took the dragon. 42 minutes, get the FPX of Shuanglong Club in the middle highway tower


Naomi Osaka Was Eliminated

In the morning of September 3, Beijing time, the 2009 season tennis Grand Slam US Open continued. In the focus of the fourth round of women’s singles, Naomi Osaka, the defending champion and the top seed of the competition, was in a low state. Naomi Osaka lost two sets in succession to No. 13 seed Bensiki in 5-7/4-6, and suffered three successive defeats against the latter. Naomi Osaka will lose the world’s No. 1 ranking after losing the title, while Bencic will enter the top eight of the Grand Slam after five years.
Naomi Osaka, a Japanese supernova, is the defending champion of the US Open. It was here that Naomi Osaka reached the top of the world last season after soaring into the sky. Naomi Osaka, who has experienced a thrilling promotion in the first round of the US Open, has performed better and better since then, winning successively Rinat and Golf. Naomi Osaka encountered No. 13 seed Bensiki in the fourth round. The latter received Kantawitt’s withdrawal ceremony in the last round. The two men had won two games against Bensidge three times before, and both dialogues maintained a winning record this season. Naomi Osaka will fight for revenge.
In the first set, Naomi Osaka, who took the lead in serving, showed a slow heat. The first set mistake sent a score of 30-30. At the critical moment, the baseline had the upper hand in attacking Bencic. The excellent straight-line winning point in backhand got the break point. Naomi Osaka lost the game under pressure. Bencic easily completed the first serve to secure a 2-0 lead. In the third set, Naomi Osaka’s serve was hit again. After the ball was sliced and sent to the break point, Bencic missed many chances continuously and Naomi Osaka finished hair preservation.
In the fourth game, Naomi Osaka began to counter-attack, and Bencic made successive mistakes to send out the breaking point. Naomi Osaka’s bottom line suppressed Bencic’s backhand racket and netting to achieve the breakback score to 2-2 level. Since then, the game has entered into their respective service rhythm, the score has reached 5-5, the key 11th inning score has reached 30-30, Bencic completed a brilliant volley to get the break point, Naomi Osaka adopted the service and tennis tactics, the quality of forehand racket cutting is not high, Bencic completed a brilliant cross-serve break, and then retained the service game 7-5 win first. Dish.
In the second set, the guaranteed score reached 2-2 in the opening stage. Naomi Osaka was still the first to fluctuate in the fifth set. The quality of the volley was not high after 0-30. Naomi Osaka tried to recover the situation by serving, but sent it out in an impatient mood. After losing the game by double errors, Bencic went on to lead 4-2 at Baofa. Naomi Osaka then tried to counter-attack, but Bencic maintained the quality of defense and serve, guaranteed a 6-4 win in the second set.
Ultimately, Bencic beat Naomi Osaka, the No. 1 seed, in two straight sets, 7-5/6-4, and won three consecutive victories against Naomi Osaka this season, reaching the top eight of the Grand Slam after five years. The whole match took 1 hour and 27 minutes. Naomi Osaka completed 9 ACES goals and 3 double errors, of which two key double errors lost the serve, while Bencic made 6 double errors. Naomi Osaka’s success rate was only 57%, and the score rate of Naomi Osaka was 82%. Bencic was 29-26 ahead in winning points, 12-21 was lower than his opponent by unforced mistakes. Naomi Osaka had only one break chance in the breaking stage, while Bencic had three breaks in seven break points.