13 rumors about the Beijing epidemic

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in Beijing recently, and the change of the epidemic affects many people’s hearts. Some rumor mongers can’t stand loneliness, and rumors about the Beijing epidemic follow. The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily has combed and proved that the following are rumors. Don’t believe any more!
Rumor 1: 48 hours nucleic acid test for Beijing food and beverage industry
On June 17, a news about “Beijing catering industry closed for 24-48 hours” spread rapidly on the Internet. The reporter of Beijing Youth Daily learned from Beijing Cuisine Association that the news is not true. Some catering enterprises said that their employees had indeed started nucleic acid testing, but had not received the notice of forced suspension.
According to wechat group news on the Internet, “we have just received the property notice. From tomorrow, the catering industry in Beijing will be shut down. The employees in the store will go to do nucleic acid testing, and the time for closing is 24-48 hours.”. During this period, the children solved their own catering problems properly. I wish you all a safe passage through the epidemic. “
On June 17, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily asked Liu Yuchi, executive vice president of Beijing Cuisine Association, for confirmation, saying that “it may be a notice from a catering enterprise, but there was no news of suspension.” The person in charge of a time-honored restaurant said that they had been informed the night before yesterday that they had carried out a comprehensive nucleic acid test, but had not received the requirement of compulsory suspension of business.
Rumor 2: express delivery to Beijing stopped
“Affected by the epidemic, some express companies have suspended delivery to Beijing,” the Internet source said. Official website of State Post Office: false news!
The reporter checked with brand enterprises such as post, Shunfeng, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Shentong, Yunda, Baishi, Debang, Jingdong Logistics and Suning logistics, and said that no similar notice had been issued. At present, express delivery from Beijing can still be received and sent normally. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, a few regions in Beijing have upgraded their control measures, and the timeliness of a few express mails may be affected.
Rumor 3: Beijing tap water needs to be kept for more than two hours
Recently, there was a wechat group message on the Internet: “Beijing water industry group reminded that during the emergency period, chlorine injection was increased within the allowable range during the treatment of tap water. Please wait for at least two hours before using water. Beijing Waterworks Group: drink safely, do not need to stand still.
On June 16, Beijing Municipal Waterworks Group refuted the rumor that the slight chlorine smell in the tap water is a normal phenomenon, which does not affect the health at all, not to mention “standing for more than two hours”. The tap water produced by Beijing tap water group fully meets the national sanitary standard for drinking water and can be safely drunk.
Rumor 4: Beijing Expressway is closed
“Due to the epidemic, Beijing’s high-speed road to Beijing is closed,” the network said. Multiple departments: no information about the closure of roads to Beijing has been received.
The reporter learned from Beijing first group and traffic management department that there is no road under control due to the epidemic. The relevant person in charge of the initial group said that the road sealing and traffic management department is responsible. If there are road sealing measures, the traffic management department or the traffic committee will definitely issue a notice. The traffic control department also said it had not received the news that the road to Beijing was closed.
Rumor 5 Beijing Huaxi live Wukesong fall
Beijing’s epidemic situation has escalated. Recently, it was reported on the Internet that “Beijing business district – Huaxi live Wukesong fell”. Official wechat of Huaxi live: rumor!
On June 15, the official wechat of Huaxi live issued a notice to dispel the rumor of “enemy occupied”. It was said that Huaxi live provided a venue for the assembly exercise in cooperation with Haidian public security bureau, “the enemy occupied” was a rumor.
Rumor 6 tens of thousands of people were transported to Tangshan
Recently, a number of cases in Beijing have been related to the market of new places of origin. According to the Internet, “tens of thousands of new places of origin have been transported to Tangshan, Hebei Province for isolation.”. Fengtai District Government of Beijing refutes rumors: false news!
Fengtai District Government of Beijing refuted a rumor on June 14 that nearly 10000 operators, purchasers and staff in Xinfadi wholesale market had collected throat swabs and taken buses to Fengtai, Changping, Fangshan, Tongzhou, Daxing and economic development zone for centralized medical observation.
Rumor 7: Beijing’s “food basket” is not stable. Do you want to run out of food?
On June 13, Beijing’s Xinfadi market was temporarily closed, raising public concerns about the security of food, oil, vegetables and other necessities for Beijing residents. Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce: taking multiple measures to ensure supply and price stability
On June 15, the head of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that Beijing is taking multiple measures to ensure supply and price stability, and the supply of vegetables is increasing rapidly. At present, the epidemic is mainly concentrated in a few areas of Beijing, and the production and transportation of agricultural products are not affected. Shouguang, Shandong Province, the biggest supplier of vegetables in Beijing, is still orderly supplying the Beijing market.
Rumor 8 Beijing subway to remove the seats for epidemic prevention?
On June 14, a social media screenshot sparked heated discussion, saying that “today, all the seats of Beijing subway are removed to reduce the contact area of people”.
Beijing subway staff said that the removal of seats was last year, when it was to alleviate the problem of morning and evening peak passenger flow. We visited Beijing Metro Line 4, line 7 and line 10 respectively in the video of Beijing News. We found that the temperature of the subway station should be measured and masks should be worn, and no seat was removed in the carriage.
Rumor 9 new coronavirus was detected in the employees of the work style nightclubs and nearby restaurants
Recently, it was announced on the Internet that “the workers in the nightclubs and nearby restaurants have detected the new coronavirus, and now all the merchants and personnel near the workers are forced to carry out nucleic acid detection”. Relevant departments: at present, there is no definite diagnosis in Sanlitun sub district (including workers’ Stadium)
According to CCTV journalists and relevant departments, up to now, Sanlitun sub district(