Ban sale of bulk coal in Harbin

In order to strengthen the special control work of bulk coal sales, promote the air pollution control in winter and effectively improve the air quality, Harbin market supervision and Administration Bureau recently announced the “Harbin bulk coal sales special treatment work plan”. This time management work, Harbin city completely forbids the sale of bulk coal. At the same time, illegal transportation and storage of bulk coal will be severely punished.
According to the plan, the treatment time is up to April 20, 2023, and the key governance areas include the built-up area of the city, the built-up area of the county people’s government and the industrial park outside the built-up area, as well as the “villages in the city” and the rural areas under the treatment of bulk coal. The sale of bulk coal is completely prohibited. It is forbidden to sell bulk coal in the no burning zone; the market entities outside the no burning zone who have obtained the coal business qualification according to law are prohibited from selling bulk coal in the no burning zone. The notice of Harbin Municipal People’s Government on delimiting the no burning zone for highly polluting fuels and related matters (HZG [2017] No. 44) shall be posted in the business place, and the buyer shall be informed of the prohibition in the no burning zone Burning bulk coal. The market supervision and management departments of all districts and counties will strengthen supervision and control, and strictly investigate and deal with the units and individuals who illegally sell bulk coal according to law.
We will crack down on illegal transportation and storage of bulk coal. In the no burning zone, except for the coal used for raw materials of key enterprises, it is forbidden to store and transport bulk coal. Vehicles transporting bulk coal in violation of regulations shall be dealt with by district and county transportation administration departments according to law; units and individuals that illegally store bulk coal or provide sites for bulk coal operators shall be investigated and dealt with by relevant departments of district and county governments in accordance with their duties. Strictly control business entities. It is forbidden to issue business license for operating high pollution fuel in the no burning zone, register coal trading market entities outside the no burning zone according to laws and regulations, and inform the registered coal business entities to change their business scope to “no high pollution fuel”.
Strengthen coal quality detection. In strict accordance with the relevant provisions of “Harbin coal quality standard” announced by Harbin Municipal Bureau of industry and information technology, strengthen the coal quality sampling inspection of sales links outside the no burning zone. If it fails to meet the quality standard after inspection, it shall be handled by the district or county (city) market supervision bureau according to law.