Arrest of Abe Teng

Abe resigned for a second time because of a relapse. After resigning, Abe did not stop. In addition to “worshipping ghosts” twice in a month, Abe also took part in a lot of political activities. Japanese media speculated that Abe also wanted to “enter the palace three times.”.
Recently, however, a big event has taken place in Abe’s stall. According to a report by Yomiuri Shimbun on November 23, a source recently said that after receiving a report, the special search Department of the Tokyo geological Inspection Bureau is investigating Abe’s first secretary and others about the banquet held the night before the “Cherry blossom appreciation party”. After the news came out, it triggered heated discussion on the Japanese Internet, and related topics such as “arrest Abe” were on the hot search list in Japan, rising to the third place all the way.