A tractor car

People often say that “all human beings are sentimental and plants are merciless”. Others say that in this world, all plants and plants have feelings. I think people say that plants and plants are ruthless because of their own nature. People say that plants are sentimental, but it is based on people’s feelings about it. It is a common phenomenon that people tend to have feelings for things. The reason why I say this is that I can’t bear that pull tricycle.
In the morning, as a vegetable farmer, I got up early. I moved my watercress to the carriage, and then put the seasoning for the cold vegetables in the basket of the car. Then, I prepared the tools for selling vegetables: board weighing, hand wiping cloth.
“Okay, get ready and go.” I patted the seat cushion of the tricycle happily, and then sat on it and pedaled. But this morning, the car seemed to have a problem. The brakes didn’t stop. No matter how I pedaled, it just couldn’t pedal.
After all, I couldn’t sell the dishes this morning without a car. Fortunately, my brain was so smart that I suddenly flashed an idea: Is this car not electric and human integrated, I just use electric drive.
So I twisted the throttle of the car, thinking that it would go. Unexpectedly, the car was indifferent. I was fooled. Now the car has become a complete waste.
I was in a great hurry. What should I do with these prepared watercourses? When I was at a loss, my parents came back, and they came back on a brand new electric tricycle.
I had some doubts and asked them where they got it. They said, “Isn’t this pulley broken at home, so I went with your dad to buy this electric tricycle early in the morning, and we were in love with it.”
Just after hearing this, I jumped up happily and said, “Wow, I finally have a new bike. That pull bike is ugly and broken. After that, I can finally ride a new bike to sell vegetables and never be teased to ride a broken bike again.”
“Well, a car makes you happy. Let’s sell the dishes in the daytime. Help mom take the broken car to the waste station and sell it this morning.” Mother said, and began to carry the dishes on the “junk car”.
I looked at the old, weather-beaten car, its rotten cushion and rusty car side. Suddenly, my heart was full of sour, reluctant and memories rushed through my mind, and made waves around my heart. I don’t know what it will be like to go to the scrap yard, whether it will become a real “scrap”.
This car was bought when I was just born. At that time, it could only be manpower. The motor was assembled later. It can be said that this car accompanied my whole youth.
When I was one year old, my family was very poor, and my parents had to do business, so I bought this pull tricycle with all my savings. This car can help us pull a lot of vegetables and save people’s energy. Every afternoon, my mother took me to the market in her car and asked me to join her in the vegetable stall.
When I was three years old, I went to kindergarten and went to and from school in this car. At that time, many of my classmates didn’t have a car at home. For this reason, I feel very proud, since then, this car has become my “special car” and pulled me home.
When I was five years old, one day when I came home from school, it was raining cats and dogs, but I couldn’t see my car and mother, so I had to walk on the road in the rain.
“Toot… “Du” I heard the familiar car whistling, looked up, it is: my car. I climbed up in a hurry, and I found an extra rain curtain on the car.
“Mom, how did this curtain work?” I was curious. I didn’t have it in the morning.
“I’ll have the car repairman make the rain curtain so that you don’t have to be afraid of being caught in the rain after school.” Mother finished pulling over the shaking curtain and covering my head with it.
I am especially moved to see my mother like this. Mother’s love is great. And I’m especially grateful for this car, because without it, I might experience a lot of rain and wind.
Maybe from then on, I felt reluctant about this car. Later, the car picked me up and delivered me, one by one, for more than ten years. After living in junior high school, I seldom take this three-wheeled tractor.
Then one day, when I came home, I saw that the car had been refitted. The car obviously did not have the original simple appearance. It had a motor on it. Mother said that it ran faster with the motor.
In addition, motor vehicles often need repairs, a repair is dozens of pieces. But there’s no way. It has to be repaired in order to live. One day, my parents quarreled about the cost of repairs. I heard that it was my mother’s idea to install the motor. They dropped the stool so far that it almost hit the carriage. I rushed to persuade them to fight. To tell the truth, I thought about how we could live without a car and how to sell vegetables.
Mom and Dad calmed down, and the car was safe and sound. Later, I didn’t go to school, so I rode it every day to sell vegetables and ride it home. It became my good friend.
This car bought by my parents this morning, I like it very much to tell you the truth, but I am very sad to see that “scrap car” that accompanied me for many years.
Finally, I sold it to the scrap collector. They gave me 200 yuan, 200 yuan of good weight. Memories can not breathe in my heart, so sweet.
When we got home, we rode our new bike, and I heard the old one “beep…” Du’s whistle whistled for a long time.