Father’s Day again

The third Sunday in June is Father’s Day.
To tell you the truth, I don’t like the festival very much. But this festival, whether imported or local products, is worth it. For my father, there are too many feelings in my heart, which are deeply buried in my heart. Over the years, my father has given me a feeling of silence, deep, perhaps there are men’s rough, indifferent, perhaps there are men’s pride, boldness… However, my father’s “back” touches me most and has the most profound meaning.
Years ago, when I read Zhu Ziqing’s Back Shadow, my inner feelings were not very deep. However, when I revisited Back Shadow a few days ago, my inner feelings were exquisite, strong and sentimental. Tears, inadvertently sliding down the face. This tear eyes confused, as if to see the bleak background of a helpless father, as if to see the vicissitudes of the years on his father’s face… Indeed, fatherly love is a deep and great feeling that can not be freely embraced in just a few words.
This year’s Father’s Day, I think of my father, although not far from where he lives, I can see him and feel him anytime. However, still willing to quietly recall his father, that feeling, warm, sour… When I was a child, my father’s embrace was the place where I could be coquettish. My father’s embrace was the warmest place, and my father’s language was the most deterrent. When I was a child, my father was the stepping stone I looked up to, the paradise I played in, the comfort of my illness… Now, I have become a wife and mother, or years of tempering, I know how to do a daughter, but also more and more realize the father’s difficulty. Father is the pillar of the family, is a day at home, is an indestructible mountain! How many days, father for our family, hard work, hard work, struggle… How many sufferings, the father endured; how many tired, the father endured; how many hardships, the father stood up; came; for the family, for the children, perhaps the father had grievances, perhaps the father had helpless, but the father like a mountain, he has survived, originally, thousands of hardships can not cross the backbone of his father’s position in heaven and earth! Every time I see my father working hard because of my grandparents, every time I see my father running around with his daughter, and every time I see my father frowning because of his work, how can I not be heartbroken to be a child?
You may have been frustrated, helpless, never forget that your father has been standing behind you silently; you may have been sad, desperate, also must not forget his deep warm and loving eyes; you may also have tired want to rest, you must remember, father’s love is the quietest harbor, you can quietly stop tired heart, father will use their own breadth. Thick and strong shoulders for you to resist everything, father’s love and care will give us a rain-free umbrella, a sail against the wind and waves of life boat!
Thanksgiving Father’s Day, love your father! Let us love our children in our father’s heart, gently, quietly, and lightly, like a gentle breeze, dispelling the melancholy in his heart, like a nourishing cream, fading away the mark of his brow, such as a classic old song, bringing back a long, pleasant afterthought.
Filial piety is the most important of all virtues! Father’s love may not need too much return, but as a child, he should always have a heart of gratitude and devote himself to the filial piety of his parents, because when his father is getting into middle age and getting old, what he needs more is the support and encouragement of his children…
Write it on the back: It was written on Father’s Day last year. This year, my father has witnessed many vicissitudes of life. In the four seasons of the year, his father is always busy and tired, either in the cold, in the cold, in the rain, in the snow, or in the cold weather. A few days ago, when my father came back from home to change clothes, he saw his father’s sun-burned skin on his arms, shoulders and neck, black and red, peeling and turning inside so badly that it seemed that something blurred my eyes, turned back and was afraid of his discovery, so he went to another room and sobbed and shed tears quietly… Every time we sit on the sofa, blowing the air conditioner, and see my father rushing in and out of the back, there is always a kind of intolerance, a pain, a slight pain… Every time he was advised and criticized, he said, “Dad, it’s time to take a rest. Don’t always take your body seriously for work!” “But my father always laughed mercilessly:” Work is used to, I sit at home is not idle, it is better to go out and exercise bones! ” In fact, I know that my father wants our sisters to live a better life. He is like a big tree, always taking care of us. We have been in the great shade of father’s love to enjoy the cool and summer!
Today, on Father’s Day, I put down my keyboard and picked up the cell phone next to me to call my father. My father and my mother are enjoying the cool on the roof of the building. My heart is a little relieved. What I can do now is to make myself grow into a big tree so that my father can rest and enjoy the cool. Hard work, father!