If I had a goose from Niles

What if I had a goose from Niles? I’ve thought about it many times. Will it be roasted and eaten?
It seems that I can smell roast goose when I think of it. No, is it possible to take me to travel around the world as in the text? But can it fly after it’s loaded on me? In this way, until I went to bed, I was still thinking about this problem, gradually…
I was woken up by a goose call. I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying in bed. In front of me, there was a goose as big as a house! I looked at my bed and found that it was so big that everything around it seemed to be getting bigger. No, wait a minute. I’m getting smaller! I saw the goose in front of me talking!
He said, “Hello, I’m Martin. My master knows you want a goose, so let me come over.”
“Then, can you fulfill my wish?”
“Certainly. What would you like?” It says.
What should I say? Decided!
“I want to go to the street of the little girl who sells matches!”
Martin took me on a ride and it took us only a moment to get to the street. Before I could see it clearly, a bitter cold wind blew, so cold that I could almost freeze my teeth off!
“Now it’s minus 10 degrees!” Martin said.
“No wonder we have to rush to find the little match girl, or she will freeze to death!” I shivered and said that I was almost frozen into a popsicle!
At this time, there was a faint sound of selling matches. As we looked down, I saw a little girl with bare feet and a handful of matches in her hands. On such a cold day, pedestrians hurried along the road wearing thick cotton-padded jackets, while the little girl was wearing only a few thin clothes, and no one sympathized with her.
We flew down and I said to the little girl, “Sister, why do you sell matches alone on such a cold day?” “Because… If you haven’t sold out the match composition , Dad’s going to hit me.” What? We were shocked to hear the little girl say so. “Let’s go and find your father!” I said to the little girl indignantly. And riding with her on Martin (the little girl can ride Martin because there is a machine behind Martin that can reduce atomic spacing, because strong interactions can only interconnect between nuclei, so don’t worry about danger). Then I said to Martin, “Find the little girl’s home!”
Shortly afterwards, Martin landed in front of a small house, and the people inside seemed to notice the same thing. A man opened the door, and he saw the little girl who had just gone down (I did not go down). He said viciously, “Where did the goose come from?” And have you sold out your matches yet? The little girl answered, “No, her father listened, and just started to fight. I immediately came down and stopped him.”Stop it!” He saw me and said, “Oh, where the stinky boy comes from, what Lao Tzu does matters to you!” I felt that such a bad man could not be the little girl’s father, so I asked him, “Who are you? You don’t want to lie, my goose has a lie detector!” “Hum!” He said arrogantly, “I’m not afraid to tell you, yes, I’m not her father. She was abducted by me. Her grandmother wanted to save her, and I killed her!” “You’re not my father, you murderer!” The little girl screamed. Still arrogant, he said, “You know what it’s like, a couple of little assholes, ha ha ha ha!” Then he turned and closed the door.
He didn’t think I had another trick: to call the police! I asked Martin to take me to the police station, and then told the police the details. The police immediately went out and arrested him! After that, the policeman said to me, “Thank you very much. We will send the little girl back to her real home!”
So, goodbye, I got on Martin and got ready to go home. Suddenly, “Pop!” I fell from high altitude, oh, no, I fell off the bed, I looked left and right, and found that it was still my room, it was only a dream!