Enlightenment of Flea Bookstore

“Selling books, selling books!” “Super-low-price sale!” Don’t miss it when you pass by!”Why? How did the playground become a market? Originally, the school is carrying out”flea book market”activities these days.
As soon as I came to the playground, I saw a dark and overcrowded area. Our group also quickly set up a stall. After a while, the stall was finally set up. At first no one visited our stall and looked around. No wonder they heard shouts from time to time from their stall. Business is so good! I have always been shy, but Yang Yuyi is different – generous. Only heard her loud voice shouting: “Sell books, sell books! Ultra-low price, low, low to your heart!” Soon, it attracted a little girl. Yang Yuyi couldn’t help but look up and ask kindly, “Do you want to buy a book? The books here are the cheapest! And they are very helpful to you. Look at it! “The little girl blushed a little and asked softly,”How much is this book?””Well, you’re too young to take advantage of it. Let’s make a price. Five yuan.” “Then we lost our blood, 10 yuan?” “It’s too expensive!” The little girl said and wanted to go. Yang Yuyi quickly grabbed her and said, “If we don’t take a step back alone. Eight yuan?””All right then.” She paid the money and left happily. I was so stunned that I blurted out, “Yang Yuyi, you’re so good! In only two minutes, you’ve got the first deal, Niu!” She blinked her eyes and smiled, “Little kiss!”
Looking at everyone so energetic and energetic, I am not willing to lag behind. I am dissatisfied with the thought: what’s the difficulty of shouting? Why don’t you just open your voice and shout a few times? It’s hard not to beat me! At this time, God seems to have heard my voice and sent a “princess” to test me. She stopped in front of our stall for a long time, I quietly cheered and refueled for myself! I tightened my clothes and held back for a long time. Finally, I blushed and whispered, “Hey! Look at it, the books here are very rich, and the price is appropriate, quite good!” She glanced at the book and immediately disdained to say, “Yes! I’ve seen them all!” I must be there like a magic. Where: Hey! Why am I so unlucky? Depressed. Looking at the playground, people still lined up as a giant dragon. From booth to booth, the sound of hawking, bargaining, cheering, one after another, like the sound of the sea, played a lively music. When I saw the depression in my sales, I thought: I might be surprised to go to another booth. As expected, I saw a Book I had been looking forward to for a long time in booth of Class 2. But I deliberately pretended to be very tired, and started a “saliva war” with Xu Yiwen. “Xu Yiwen, you’re not good-looking either,” said Xu Yiwen, still smiling. “Why, which one do you like?” My eyes swept back and forth in the book, and she seemed to be impatient to put two Shakespeare’s Tragicomedies into my hands. What a coincidence! These two books are exactly what I expected! “How much are these two books?” “18 yuan.” You are too stingy, 8 yuan!””8 yuan two books, have you heard? Minimum price, 15!”,”neither you nor I, 12!”,”13!”,”12!”,”13!”,”12!”,”12!”… “Well, take it, 12 is 12.” I am very happy with these two hard-won books. You know, if you want to buy this book in a bookstore, you should pay 25 yuan at a minimum, and you’ve made a lot of money! __
An hour passed in a flash and the activity was over. This activity not only made me happy to buy seven books for 30 yuan, but also made me understand more deeply that each person has his own strengths and weaknesses have their own strengths to make up for!