Whampoa HC American Super-cool Experience

The old saying goes: The weather is unpredictable, this sentence is really right! Yesterday, it was raining heavily. Today, I came to a sauna day. People who are coming and going on the street with long legs are like a deer. I always want to have a super friendship. The heart is not as good as action. Instead of going to HC in YY, it is better to satisfy the dual enjoyment of sight and touch.
In order to take care of the LY that has not been visited, the address will be announced: Baosha Road, the intersection of Huangpu Economic and Technological Development Zone in Huangpu District, if you can’t find it, don’t blame me, I can only help here.
At the front desk, the front desk MM will ask if there is no appointment, register an ID card, and it is estimated that the wind has been done recently. Anyway, I didn’t take it or register it. When I left, there were a few LYs who were asked to register, but I didn’t know it later.
Honestly, HC’s environment and buffet are also average, not bad, not too good, can eat but not very delicate; FW staff here is not bad, attitude and FW. Speed ​​is still possible. The minister who just sat down and agreed to come over and say hello, drank a cup of tea, and ate the plate of fruit just on the clock. Here to explain, HC has European and American style, but there is no American introduction at the door. I chose the American style, that is, there are TW., DL, KB twice, consumption 469; European is KB once, consumption 389.
Gossip is a lot more, and if you don’t enter the theme, everyone will lick my eggs. Just entering the door, I saw a figure that was more than me, and changed it decisively (don’t be embarrassed because you are a consumer who spends money). Facts have proved that my insistence is correct, because my insistence is a whole night of physical and mental pleasure, the beauty of the beauty is 1.7 meters (the bonus of high heels), the body. Very standard, long hair, the key is still very beautiful The smile is very good and very S. Some people say that two opposite sexes may have love for more than 30 seconds. Although I don’t know how scientific this sentence is, I feel that I started to like her a little after watching her, hahaha. . . . . . .
After a brief introduction, I will play a shameless spirit to launch a full-scale harassment of the beauty. I can’t think of her saying: You are so careful, I will take your strong woman and then Z. Other FW~~~ Lei, I will immediately become 乖Baby one. Next is TW., single dance to double dance, face dance, I was TG. Unconsciously, my brother also entered a warm place to be taken care of in all directions, the first time in a few minutes It is so comfortable that it is over. After simple cleaning, the beauty let me lick my back, the process is basically the same, DL is really DL, unlike other corn sugar instead. After the DL is 69, this process is a matter of opinion, some people like people do not like, after all, they are all looking for happiness, do not like to skip. After turning over, I followed the process and finally sent S. in JS’s Z., a perfect experience.
To sum up: JS is very important, and it is related to the enjoyment of one night. If you can have a good exchange, you should have a good experience. Don’t feel that it is a grandfather. It is not easy to make money.
Write so much, thick and collect a few JB, I hope to be a little help for everyone. Thank you all!