Dinosaur crisis

This morning, I went to the Science and Technology Museum to watch 4D movies. The name of the movie is “Dinosaur Crisis.” This movie is as its name suggests, and the plot inside is definitely dangerous, exciting and fun. How do you feel it, then come with me to experience the exciting and fun journey!

Sitting down in the cinema and wearing stereo glasses, I started the thrilling journey.

On a stormy night, the alarm suddenly rang. Ah, not good! The dinosaur model in the Dinosaur Museum resurrected and mutated, and even worse, the resurrected dinosaurs escaped from the museum! This is a miserable, a dinosaur resurrected and mutated, and other dinosaurs also meant resurrection variability, because we can’t stop them; many dinosaurs resurrected and mutated, which means that a “human war” will kick off. Thousands of dinosaurs ran rampantly and ruthlessly in our human city, day and night. Seeing this, my heart seems to have a big squid that is alive and kicking. The voice of “嘭嘭” has become “咚咚咚咚…”

At this time, the staff of the Dinosaur Museum was doing a close inspection of any one square millimeter of the museum. Some people reported to his superiors that they did not find any traces of dinosaurs, including their eggs. Although the staff have checked it over and over again, they still ignore a place that cannot be ignored. In the room where they piled up the sundries, a “light cannon” of the lamp – but this is a dinosaur egg! It is slowly and slowly cracking… “Hey–” A violent dinosaur bursting out of the shell and screaming at me with a scorpion, the big tail behind the butt swept me… “Ah, dinosaurs Adults are forgiving!” I was afraid, do not disable my hands to block this big tail, but useless! Suddenly, the chair slammed down and stopped immediately, and the swift tail swept away. But I seem to be in the world of the movie, Mom, I have forgotten that I am still sitting in the cinema, this big tail seems to be sweeping me to the moon.

A museum staff member checks the exhibition area of ​​the dinosaur skeleton. Suddenly, a mouse was drilled from the skull of the dinosaur fossil, followed by a large group of mice, which were collectively released. There have been a lot of outside, but it is still pouring out. At this moment, there are countless mice drilled under my feet, and the sound of “吱吱” continually torments my ears. The staff shouted at the phone: “The mouse was found in the museum!”

At the same time, on the road, in the hotel, in the community, in the factory… you can see the horror of dinosaurs everywhere. A group of Air Force members were beside a high wall and had already forced the dinosaurs to go nowhere. Suddenly, they felt a little shock and shouted to the walkie-talkie in their hand: “The report commander, the situation is abnormal.” As expected, the high walls are swaying and cracking, and there is a big crack, “哗啦”, The walls collapsed, and the things that came out made my mouth wide open—only fierce super large mutant dinosaurs broke through the wall. Said it is high, five-star ten-story hotel, the top floor position is only half of its neck; say it is long, only the tail has fifty or sixty meters; say it is fierce, not fake, yell at me After a bang, the “cleaning up” began. The five-star hotel was finished with a dinosaur’s tail. There are table-sized wings on the back of the dinosaurs! Its eyes are green and green, and it is shining with terrible fierce light. It is a terrible demonstration to me. I am terrified, but my heart is still comforting myself. I am worried that it will not be possible to blow it with a few bombs. not good! The words in my heart seemed to be heard by it, and it screamed, and the snoring was deafening. It slammed its feet, which is even stronger than the earthquake. It lifted its tail high and the tail ran straight to me…

At this point, there are only three words in my heart: I am finished. At this moment of the millennium, the chair fell “falling” down. I quickly caught the life-saving straw and escaped the attack.

At the same time, an armed police came up with an idea. All the small herbivorous dinosaurs were first transported to the outer space with the only good train. The rest of the dinosaurs were very restless in the train, running around, jumping around. I don’t know why, the train suddenly stopped, the doors in all directions were all open, and the dinosaurs all rushed to the outside, and some even jumped to the top of the car, and then began to sweep. I thought to myself: “When it’s over, this earth is going to die! But when I am desperate, I see it again!

The commander of the Air Force said: “The matter has reached this point, let us fight with the dinosaurs!” Finally, our heroic officers and men defeated the dinosaurs, and the scene: the dinosaur storm “has finally calmed down.”

The movie is over, but the thrilling scene is still echoing in my mind…