my mother

My mother is a high school graduate. She told her grandfather that she could have entered the university with excellent results. However, at the time, for a farmer’s family in the 1970s and 1980s, the cost of going to college was almost astronomical mathematics. Therefore, my mother had to give up her studies automatically and go to work in the field.

However, in my memory, my mother does not have a gentle temperament like a high school student, but only a housewife who loves to play mahjong. Like other families, when she was a child, she did not obey the same thing as her mother’s snoring, but with other The difference is that when the mother hits me, she mostly uses her hands and does not use sticks. Therefore, in hours, I always rely on my father.

However, until today, I changed my mind about my mother.

That day, it was the first day when I graduated from elementary school and went to junior high school. It was raining down outside and looking out. I could only see the water flowing on the window, and the water wall formed was like the one in the Journey to the West. Water curtain.

I stood at the door, leaning against the new table that my mother bought for me in advance, looking at the heavy rain outside, there was no other way, I just had to expect the rain to be a little smaller, because for me, in this case, the request is not allowed. Parents, even if the request does not help, but will attract a skunk, this is the principle of my family’s education of children. The older brothers and sisters before me have never looked for help from their parents. They all brought themselves to the school with their own hands. Thinking of this, I took the courage, took the table, and found my delicate shoulders. I couldn’t help but feel the pain. But when I thought about my brother and sister, they clenched their teeth, stabilized themselves, and tried to use their right hand. Grabbing the bench, but after all, it was too weak. The “plop” table fell over. I fell to the ground and felt the pain in the foot bones being crushed by huge pressure. But I didn’t yell, sitting on the ground, gently rubbing my foot. After a while, the foot was obviously not so painful, so I was confident, but when I was about to lift the table, a big hand grabbed the table, then put the umbrella in my hand and lifted the table toward the water curtain. Go in. “It’s a mother.” I shouted excitedly, then quickly took up the stool and opened the umbrella to catch up.

On the road, the wind and rain add up, and the rain comes from there. I came from there for a while, and even I was soaked with an umbrella. Then we came to the school.

There are so many people in the school, there is no place to go to the umbrella. My mother found an empty space in the crowd and called me to go. I ran over and raised my umbrella. I came over to my mother. My mother didn’t seem to be avoiding. The wind stopped, but the rain was still there, silent, and in silence I seemed to hear a small gasp, I looked at my mother, she was soaked, like just coming out of the water. The face is still unclear whether it is sweat or rain.

“Hu Can. One (8) class”, only listened to the radio, my mother did not allow me to react and walked upstairs to the table, I then ran.

After coming to the classroom, a transcript was posted on the door. My mother walked over with the last strength, and then walked with a smile. “Yes, third place, but don’t be proud.” then. While I was still immersed in delusion, my mother quietly left the umbrella at the table and walked quietly.

Now, the school has a group of new students, and I rebelled against my mother’s advice? I am proud, I never saw the mother like that.