If I could understand earlier

Time flies in a hurry. At the age of fifteen or sixteen, I have entered the turning point of my life, standing on the gate from teenagers to young people, counting my bags. I can not help but find myself more mature and less childish; more thinking, less blind obedience; more responsibility, less vision… My bags became heavy. My road is stretching towards the future. If I had known it earlier, I would not have regretted it as I do now.
I remember that it was a sunny day, looking at the blue sky and cotton-like clouds, I shook my head and sighed. Usually at this time we will make an appointment to play together, but today… Touching the photo and laughing happily, like the lotus blossom of him, makes me mixed feelings, how good friends we used to be, but because of my own interests and buried this enviable friendship.
It was a long time ago, and it has been forgotten for a long time, but I still have fresh memories. He will always be the shadow of my heart. That was the first time we went to the competition. Because of nervousness, we each forgot to write our own names. After that, the teacher found us and scolded us all. We can’t help it. Then, the teacher took out two unnamed papers from the drawer and placed them in front of me and Xiaoming. He sternly asked, “Which one is yours, write your name well.” I heard, “Teacher, it’s hard to tell apart.” Xiao Ming picked up two papers and looked at them carefully. His face showed embarrassment to the teacher. Said: “This handwriting is similar, it is difficult to distinguish ye, then we take back to study, in the morning to bring back on the line.”
After school, Xiao Ming studied for a long time without any result, so he let me take it home. Actually, I recognized it long ago. The reason why I didn’t tell Xiao Ming was that I saw the two scores which were very different, and I was hesitant. The first is the first, the first is the tenth, my heart is like an angry sea, turbulent, difficult to calm, looking at these two papers a evil idea in my mind, the temptation of the first makes me lose myself. In the afternoon, the teacher announced my and Xiao Ming’s achievements. When the applause rang, I didn’t smile at all. Suddenly, I felt regretful. I buried my head very low. All afternoon I was nervous, as if I had two eyes staring at me, as if I were going to see through.
I don’t know how long it took, “Bell…” Bell… Bells…” When the bell rang, I said to Xiao Ming, “Xiao Ming, let’s go home.” But who knows Xiao Ming said to me sternly, “Who wants to go home with you, Xiao Man.” I heard, “Xiao Ming, what’s wrong with you.” Xiao Ming said, “I always thought our friendship could not be replaced by fame, wealth and glory, but I found that I was wrong. “…” Xiao Ming’s cold expression frightened me and unconsciously squeezed my schoolbag. Xiao Ming went on to say, “Do you think I don’t know? Every time you take an exam, you have a habit of writing a letter”G”on the test paper as a mark. No careless person can see it. You are really my good friend.” Xiao Ming patted me on the shoulder. His last words hurt my heart like a sharp knife.
I really regret that if I could understand the consequences earlier, the result would not have turned into such a tragedy.