People who moved me

She always has a happy smile on her face and always speaks kindly. She has not done anything earth-shaking, but every little detail she does always touches us. She is our head teacher, Mr. Ma.
Mr. Ma is a teacher who does not easily get angry. One day after school last semester, the teachers all went to a meeting. We made a lot of noise in the classroom. The class cadres shouted “quiet” several times, but it didn’t work. Teacher Ma came, and we immediately quieted down, but Teacher Ma still heard our noises not far from the classroom. She let the classmates we just talked to stand up, but only two of them stood up. In fact, none of our 46 students did not speak. After the teacher’s instruction, one by one, we stood up one after another. Teacher Ma’s face is also gradually difficult to look at, we thought that the teacher would angrily punish us to copy texts or ask us to write reviews, but the teacher unexpectedly asked us to go home. Teacher Ma is really “the prime minister can support a boat in his stomach”.
Mr. Ma is an understanding teacher. In the first few days of school, the students haven’t recovered to study. They are lazy in doing homework and slow in doing it. The original few homework is “piled up like a mountain” in our view. If the homework of Chinese, mathematics and English are combined, the short time of self-study at noon is not enough for us. Teacher Ma did not arrange Chinese textbooks for a week. Later, the speed of our homework gradually accelerated, and the teacher only assigned a few homework.
Mr. Ma is a teacher who does not criticize us casually. Last semester’s mid-term exam, our class has achieved very unsatisfactory results, not only our face is not glorious, but also our head teacher, Mr. Ma’s face is not good-looking. After all, she is our head teacher! We did not do well in the exam, Mr. Ma not only did not criticize us, but constantly encouraged us. After teacher Ma’s long-term encouragement, we have made great progress in the final test, which makes us grateful to teacher Ma.
Mr. Ma is a teacher who is good at training us. We are always not active in class. Few students raise their hands to answer questions. After learning about the situation, Mr. Ma held a three-minute speech activity in each Chinese class, with a host and a speaker taking turns every day to exercise our expressive ability. I was a student who was not very talkative, but after being a host and a speaker, my oral expression ability has been greatly improved, and I am no longer timid. Here, I would like to thank Mr. Ma for giving me such a good exercise platform.
Teacher Ma is a comprehensive teacher. Teacher Ma is our Chinese teacher, but she cares about all our subjects. Last year, the examination of history, geography and biology was approaching, but because we didn’t attach importance to the three subjects in class, we didn’t listen carefully in class. Our several quizzes were not ideal. Teacher Ma was very anxious for us. When we had spare time, we were not assigned homework to do, but patiently persuaded us to do more. Look at the books on these three subjects. We did well in the final teacher’s exam.
Teacher Ma is not a big man, nor has she done any great things, but she touched us every bit and made us purified.