Unforgettable childhood fun

Childlike innocence and childlike interest are the memories I often remember. When the curtain of the Lantern Festival falls in 2011, the past childhood is clearly visible. The fifteenth day of the first lunar month has not left much impression on me, but as long as the topic related to Tangyuan is mentioned, it will remind me of those interesting things in my childhood.
Unforgettable childhood fun
I remember when I was ten years old, I especially liked to eat dumplings. I watched my anxious saliva coming out, and when I ate, I always could not eat a few. It feels like the white dumplings are reunited, the eyes are delicate and attractive, and the taste is pure and sweet. It’s really wonderful. In this way, the lively scene of the fifteenth package of Tangyuan in the first month is very impressive.
Whenever relatives and friends come to my house, my mother will make dumplings for the guests. As the preferred food for farmers to entertain guests. At this time, I always fantasize that I can wrap a bag of dumplings by hand and feel the joy of childlike innocence. Finally, one day, the opportunity came. My mother was busy going out. I came home from school and had nothing to do. When it was time to cook dinner, I had a good idea. Why don’t I cook dumplings for my family? First, they can satisfy their hands-on ability, second, they can also be praised by their families, to meet their vanity.
So I put on my apron, lit the fire in the stove and took out the dumplings in the cupboard. It’s not so much dumpling powder, in fact, it was later known that it was gray flour, that is, wheat flour. Learn the mother’s method of making dumplings, start adding water, using force and powder, kneading in different directions, kneading hard, rubbing constantly. Finally, make a spherical shape, in the center of the ball with a thumb press, is a nest, and then put into the prepared sugar and brown sugar, the surrounding mud closed, and then put in the palm of the hand rubbed round, it will be successful.
Wait for the water to boil the dumplings, and then cook the dumplings in the pot. The stove is steaming hot, and I add firewood carefully in the pit stove. Water vapor and smoke are interwoven together. In my heart, I just want the dumplings to be cooked quickly. However, the dumplings boiled in the pot, I feel something wrong, listening to my mother said, the cooked dumplings are floating on the surface of the water. But what’s wrong with the way I cooked the dumplings so long that they haven’t surfaced yet?
Maybe I packed too many dumplings to float on it? Well, whatever, it’s time for dinner. Get it out. So I put the dumplings in three bowls. Soon after, my parents came back and saw the dumplings I made. They kept laughing and I felt at a loss. Father said, “How can you make dumplings with gray flour? Can it be eaten?” At that time, I realized that wheat flour was used as glutinous rice flour. Indeed, the difference between dumplings and wheat flour is very white from the surface color. The most obvious thing is that the wheat dumplings are cooked and cannot float. I took a bite, the taste needn’t say how bad it is, it’s a real railway bump.
Twenty years later, when you see Tangyuan, you will remember how funny I was at that time. Today, let me remember endlessly. Childlike innocence, naive, although the wrong choice of dumpling ingredients, did not succeed. But after all, it is my personal experience and practice!