Rioters set fire near the Hong Kong Police Chief

A large number of illegal demonstrators attacked the HKSAR government headquarters and the Legislative Council on 31st, threw petrol bombs, then burned debris in the road near the police headquarters, smoke billowed, explosions were heard, and many people were arrested by the police.
According to Hong Kong media reports, a large number of demonstrators wearing black clothes and anti-virus masks from Wanchai direction, along Hennessy Road into Causeway Bay near SOGO.
Near the police headquarters, there were demonstrators blocking roads, burning debris, the scene was flaming, smoke rose 10 stories high, during which there was an explosion.
Reported that there were rioters blocking the road to keep the fire engine moving forward, some people shouted “make way”, but some rioters insisted on not letting go. Afterwards, the alarm bell sounded. Port media said police water cannon trucks were on guard at the scene.
According to Wenhui. com, fire engines have rushed to Wanchai to extinguish the fire, and the fire has basically been put out. Several rioters were arrested by the police.
Earlier, a large number of demonstrators stormed the headquarters of the SAR Government and the Legislative Council on the afternoon of 31st and threw gasoline bombs. Hong Kong police have repeatedly warned demonstrators to stop illegal activities, riot police have fired tear gas and used minimum force to disperse demonstrators. The police severely condemned all acts of violence by the demonstrators and warned them to stop their illegal activities and leave immediately.