Naoto Osaka’s elimination

New York, September 3, 2019 (Sports) (4) Tennis – U.S. Open: Naomi Osaka was eliminated to the top eight, and Naomi Osaka returned the ball in the game on September 2.
On that day, in the women’s singles eighth finals of the United States Open in 2019, Naoto Osaka, a Japanese tennis player, defeated Swiss player Benchic 0-2 and failed to reach the top eight.
Naomi Osaka will lose its world No. 1 position next week
The 2019 U.S. Open continues this morning. Naomi Osaka, the No. 1 seed in the women’s singles, lost 0-2 to Bensiki in the top 8, ending its 17 consecutive victory in the Grand Slam and losing its world No. 1 throne next week.
With Naomi Osaka eliminated, new Grand Slam finalists will be created in the first half of the women’s singles, and this year’s four Grand Slams will belong to different players.
Bencic is a big-time player and has won four times the first place in the world so far.
Bencic has won Naomi Osaka three times in addition to one win over Williams, all of which took place this season (Indian Wells, Madrid and the US Open).
Last year, Naomi Osaka soared to the top of the US Open, ranking first in the world after winning two Grand Slams.
But Naomi Osaka is always brought to each other’s rhythm every time they play Bencic.
This morning in World War I, Naomi Osaka was broken by Benzic at the beginning, and finally lost 5-7, 4-6.
The defeat ended Naomi Osaka’s 17 consecutive hard slam wins since last year’s US Open and, more importantly, the world’s No. 1 ranking will be replaced by Batty next week.
After Naomi Osaka’s exit, the first half of the women’s singles was more open, and Bencic, Wikich, Meltens, Townsend, Anderscu and others who signed the form did not reach the Grand Slam finals.