The man hammered Ferrari to win the attention of 4S shopkeeper

After reading this news, Xiaobian once thought that it was the bad news of a boring Xiaobian editor, but after checking it on the internet, Xiaobian found that there really existed such a news. Recently, Guo Mou, a criminal suspect in Tianxin District of Changsha City, saw a spicy snack project in his hometown. At that time, Guo Mou expressed great enthusiasm for the project and wanted to make it bigger and stronger. However, he needed to give 4 million yuan of money, limited to his lack of money, so Guo Mou started to think awkwardly. When a man smashed a hammer and three million Ferraris turned into an accident vehicle, the traffic police were confused when they asked why.
Unexpectedly, this Guo Mou wants to find the owner of Ferrari 4S shop to finance his snack project. Guo Mou does not have the contact method of Ferrari 4S shop owner, so he did an amazing thing to attract the attention of Ferrari boss. Guo Mou took a big mallet and rushed directly to Ferrari 4S shop that day. He went straight to a high-end Ferrari Potofino car. He smashed the engine cap, windshield and door of Potofino with a big mallet.
Ferrari Potofino, as a representative model of high-end cars, has more comfort and usability. As an excellent high-performance car, 100 km acceleration time is only 3.5 seconds, carrying a 3.9 liter V8 engine. This potofino is very rare in China, so its price is very high.
This Guo Mou smashed this Ferrari Potofino into such a way that he believed he would pay a lot of money later. When Guo Mou smashed the car into such a shape, the shop assistant rushed to the police and caught him. However, this Guo Mou also said with some words that he smashed the car in their shop just to find the owner of 4S shop. To finance his snack project. Xiaobian read Guo’s work, really feel that Guo’s brain circuit is still very big, this time he finally did not find anyone to finance the snack project, after all, the latter half of his life, his food and drink Lasa were contracted by the police.