Tianjin Sports Apology

At the same time that Chinese women’s volleyball team returned to the first place in the world, the film “Chinese women’s volleyball team” was also being filmed intensively. Unlike Gong Li’s “Lang Ping” style, which aroused the amazement of the whole network, this time, another floral photo aroused great indignation of everyone:
Former captain of the women’s volleyball team and Rio Olympic champion Hui Ruoqi was officially coded.
Hui Ruoqi Recent Photo @Yuanqi Girl Hui Rachel
Yesterday (October 7) at 16:00 pm, Tianjin Sports Bureau official Weiwei @Tianjin Sports released some tidbits of “Chinese Women’s Volleyball”, saying that active and retired female volleyball players such as Zhu Ting, Xu Yunli, Hui Ruoqi, Yan Ni, Ding Xia have all arrived at the theatre group, “the original team has come.”
The second photo is a “family photo”. Only the third woman standing on Gong Li’s left was beaten by mosaic from head to foot.
Even with a thick cover-up, the man was quickly recognized by women’s volleyball fans – it was Hui Ruoqi!
A large number of netizens felt very dissatisfied, believing that this action deliberately discredited Hui Ruoqi, contrary to the spirit of the women’s volleyball team.
By the morning of the 8th, the @Tianjin Sports microblog had been deleted.
Modern Express contacted a staff member of the propaganda and Education Law Department of Tianjin Sports Bureau, who said she was not responsible for the official micro-blog and was not very clear about the matter. “It seems that there was a mistake before, but now it has been deleted. We are also investigating this issue. Because yesterday was a holiday, we are still asking who was the editor on duty at that time.
She added, “That editor is not from us. Weibo is our outsourcing company.
At 12 noon, @Tianjin Sports issued a statement apologizing to Hui Ruoqi and fans. They said that they failed to find that the original picture was covered by mosaic in the examination, and the responsible persons were held accountable.
However, careful netizens have picked out a key detail one after another:
@ Tianjin Sports issued a map about 11 a.m. on the 7th, more than five hours before the release of the mosaic photo.
Fan: So what is this operation? Intended?
The Tianjin Sports Bureau has not yet responded to the question of why the original plan was deleted and Hui Ruoqi was re-issued.