Hanergy Department continues to owe wages

At 15:00 on October 11th, Beijing time, Hanergy Group gathered local governments and employee representatives to hold a tripartite negotiation meeting in the headquarters building, and new progress was made in the incident.
At the gate of Building A of Hanergy Headquarters, hundreds of people have gathered, all of them are Hanergy employees. However, before the negotiation meeting is about to begin, employees are notified that the negotiation site has been transferred from Room A of Building A to Room B of Building B.
It is reported that the specific members of the participation in the negotiation meeting are the staff of the Beijing Municipal Supervision Bureau, Yuan Yabin, the president of Hanergy, and the representatives of the rights defenders. The content of the negotiations mainly focuses on how to deal with the issue of payroll for employees. The negotiation lasts for four hours. as long as.
At about 19:50 on October 11th, the negotiations officially ended. During this period, rights defenders have been waiting outside the meeting room to wait for the results.
It is understood that the final result of this negotiation is mainly two points. First, Hanergy Fang expressed his willingness to give 50,000 yuan to the on-site staff tomorrow, let him allocate it himself, and decided by about 200 employees and employee representatives on the site. The payment was unified to a cancer patient as a cost of surgery. The second is that Hanergy has promised that if the company’s funds arrive, the company will issue the salary of all employees in May at the end of October. However, due to the previous promise of Hanergy, the employees refused to accept the promise. The negotiations still ended in failure!
According to the on-site staff, the staff of the Inspectorate who participated in the negotiations had come out to appease the employees in the middle of the negotiation, but from the beginning to the end, Hanergy had not sent any personnel to explain.
“This time, the negotiations that have been placed high hopes are still fruitless, and most of the employees are chilling. If the company can’t give a satisfactory treatment plan after that, everyone will continue to seek the way to defend their rights!” An employee told the Blue Whale reporter Said.