Zhang Zhaoxu’s recurrence of lumbar injury


On October 26, Beijing time, Zhang Zhaoxu, a member of the Shanghai Men’s basketball team, was injured accidentally during the 100kg squat test in the CBA new season physical test. At present, Zhang Zhaoxu has been sent to the hospital for examination.
Shanghai Men’s basketball team: Zhang Zhaoxu has been hospitalized for recuperation of lumbar injury
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Sudden! Zhang Zhaoxu has been taken to hospital for accidental injury during 100kg squat test
The Shanghai Men’s basketball team first officially announced Zhang Zhaoxu’s injury. The Shanghai Men’s basketball team said: Zhang Zhaoxu was initially diagnosed as a recurrence of the old waist injury after he was sent to the hospital. At present, he has been arranged to stay in hospital for observation. At the same time, the club also said that further information will be timely informed to the fans.
Zhang Zhaoxu, 32, is 2.21 meters tall and weighs 118 kg. As an interior player, Zhang Zhaoxu has been suffering from a low back injury. This time, the old injury of the low back recurred again. I hope it will not hurt.
The CBA new season is getting closer and closer. Zhang Zhaoxu’s injury is a very bad news for the strong Shanghai Men’s basketball team in the new season. His play in the inner line can provide great help for the Shanghai Men’s basketball team. I hope Zhang Zhaoxu can return to the court as soon as possible.