Shennongjia 1.2m gold sculpture

On November 25, when the staff of the ecological protection center were sorting out the infrared camera data, they found a video and three pictures of the “God sculpture” hunting pig badger. After verification, it is confirmed that the “God sculpture” in the video is a national level one protected animal gold sculpture.
At 12:48 on November 3, an infrared camera at the roadside of Longtan Cliff House, the sun terrace ecological protection center in Shennongjia, captured 10 seconds of video materials and three photos. A 1.2-meter-high gold sculpture stepped a hog badger on the ground and kept flapping its wings. After the photos and videos were sent by a circle of friends, there was a heated discussion. Netizens joked: “Eagle” is sassy and “overbearing”, and some netizens also joked “The truth! My aunt and my son lived in seclusion in Shennongjia after marriage? I don’t believe you, look what it is!”
Since this year, Shennongjia Taiyangping ecological protection center has installed more than 30 infrared trigger cameras, aiming to strengthen the monitoring and management of the protected areas, so as to understand the number and whereabouts of wild animals. Wang Dayan, director of the sun flat ecological protection center in Shennongjia, said: “these infrared cameras are on duty 24 hours deep in the protected area. Once there are wild animals passing by, they will start immediately and take photos or videos. In addition to the national first-class protected animal Golden Eagle, at present, the protected area has also photographed rare animals such as Asian black bear, macaque, maoguan deer, hyacinth and so on. “
According to the relevant person in charge of Shennongjia forestry administration, Shennongjia Taiyangping ecological protection center is the first “social public welfare protection center” in Central China, which is managed by the state-owned forest farm entrusted by non-governmental organizations. On February 27, 2019, Shennongjia Forest District Forestry Administration signed an agreement with Shenzhen Taohuayuan ecological protection foundation to entrust 128175.2 mu of state-owned forest resources under the jurisdiction of Xujiazhuang forest farm Changfang Management Institute. Shennongjia Taiyangping ecological protection center, as a local institution, performs its management functions, which is also after laohegou, August forest, Xianghai, jiulongfeng and other places, Shenzhen The fifth social public welfare protected area established by Taohuayuan ecological protection foundation of Shenzhen.