A Warm Journey

Life is a journey. The scenery along the way is beautiful. Only one passer-by accompanies us and spends time together. In our travels, we experience various worldly States and convey the warmth of the world.
When I was young, I was so naughty that my mother refused to let me leave her sight half a step at work, just for me to be harmless. But what my mother was afraid of happened. When I was bouncing on the sofa, my foot slipped and fell off the sofa. Just as my skin was about to come into close contact with the floor, a delicate figure rushed over and held me. At that moment, I realized that it was my mother who protected me from the deadly impact from the floor, and only her mother would dare to give everything for her children. I looked at my mother, but her mother was smiling and her eyes showed a trace of imperceptible pity.
Mother’s true protection, let me experience the warmth of family.
Gradually, I grew up, entered primary school, and met many good friends.
Life is getting on the right track. I study with my classmates, play with them, and even make an appointment to go to the same junior high school together; we discuss the problems left by the teachers; we help people sweep the floor when they are fined. In the laughter, send away the golden childhood.
Dear friends, let me savor the warmth of friendship.
The last summer vacation of primary school is also the end of my childhood, but in ordinary days, there will always be different warmth on schedule.
In the hot weather, I hide in the shade of trees and dare not appear; the sun, like a merciless God of fire, takes away people’s water without hesitation, and the burning earth cracks its mouth and needs drinking water to quench thirst. I have to go to the hospital to see Grandpa, but the weather is too hot! Just thinking about it, suddenly there was a dispute in my ear. According to the reputation, a driver and passengers had an argument, and the noise of the argument rose and fell one after another, which made people upset. I turned my head to the hospital not far away, just not wanting to see them. The noise of the quarrel disappeared in a loud crash. I felt bad. Like the people around me, I rushed to the scene quickly. The original driver fell into a pool of blood and several passengers were stunned. I was afraid, but still dialed 120; the surrounding uncles and aunts were also involved in the rescue; some carried the injured, some umbrellas for the injured, and I, too, followed him, wishing him a safe escape; my heart was warm.
Strangers help each other with their righteousness and convey the warmth of society.
Life is a journey, perhaps along the way there is no moving beauty, but the most desirable is those warm moments, short but eternal.
Looking back on the way I have traveled, there is no regret, only one scene of tenderness; although it has passed, it still makes my heart throb. Looking forward to the future of life, there is no darkness, only a piece of light; in the face of the future, I am ready to go.
It’s a wonderful journey to live with warmth…