108 people complete vaccination

On the morning of April 2, Chen Kai, a volunteer of new crown vaccine, finished 14 days of isolation observation. After CT examination and blood sampling, the medical staff told him that everything was normal and he could return to normal life. After 14 days, he was reexamined.
As of April 2, 108 subjects in the first phase clinical trial of the new crown vaccine in Han had completed the vaccination, and 18 of them ended the isolation. Every one of them should take CT when they are released from isolation. At present, they are in good physical condition.
Chen Kai, 36, the owner of a fishing gear store in Wuhan, reported on the Internet in mid March when he saw the information about the recruitment of clinical volunteers for the new crown vaccine. “As an ordinary Wuhan, during the period of epidemic prevention and control, I brush the news every day, sometimes sad and sometimes moved, thinking that I can also contribute to the fight against the epidemic.” He said.
Chen Kai successfully passed the physical examination screening and became one of the volunteers in the low dose group, in addition to the middle dose group and the high dose group. On March 19, he rolled up his left sleeve, bravely inoculated himself with the new crown vaccine, and then went to the designated hotel for isolation and observation for 14 days.
“Each person in the isolation point has a room. You can’t go out or go downstairs at will. The accommodation is good and the room is spacious and tidy. During the isolation period, three meals a day will be delivered to the door of our room regularly, with sufficient quantity and variety. ” Chen Kai said with a smile.
“I had a low fever and headache on the first day of the vaccination, but I soon had no symptoms. These mild reactions are normal after vaccination, so don’t worry about it. ” He reported safety to his family every day through wechat video.
Every day at the isolation site, volunteers take their temperature, take health records, and spend other time freely. Zhu aobing, Ren Chao and many other volunteers, through vlog live broadcast daily life, become the new “Internet red”, broadcast the latest situation of Wuhan in the video, promote characteristic agricultural products, introduce Wuhan dialect, and win a large number of “fans”.
Chen Kai found that among the 108 volunteers, there were from 60 to 00. Teachers, college students, veterans, entrepreneurs, business managers, different professions. We chat in wechat group, and there are several runners who jog in the room every day, “punch in” to share with each other.
Novel coronavirus vaccine research team gave out a thanking gesture to everyone in the forenoon of April 2nd. Thank you for participating in the “I phase clinical study of recombinant coronavirus vaccine” as a volunteer, successfully completing the vaccination and observation, and sincerely thanking you for your great love and your high respect.
Volunteers will also cooperate with the research team to complete a 6-month follow-up and physical examination. Medical staff issued them a new health record manual, and told them to pay attention to their bodies and not to infect other infectious diseases so as not to affect the effectiveness of the vaccine.