Open vaccination response

On April 13, a netizen reported that the CDC in Wuzhi County, Jiaozuo County, Henan Province was suspected of opening up to inject the new crown vaccine. Relevant pictures showed that several medical staff of the local CDC sat in front of the computer, and a poster beside them said, “the new crown inactivated vaccine Launch “, another poster shows” the first new inactivated crown vaccine in the world has been approved “. The netizen said, “the new crown vaccine has been launched in the south of our river?!”
Has the novel coronavirus pneumonia vaccine been opened?
“This is a clinical study.” Li, director of the Wuzhi County CDC, told Red Star News on the evening of the 13th that the content shown in the picture does not mean that the local government has opened up the new crown vaccine injection, but is cooperating in the early clinical trials.
Wuzhi county epidemic prevention and control headquarters staff also said that this is the local CDC is doing the vaccination work of volunteers for the new crown vaccine test, and did not receive the notice of opening the new crown vaccine injection.
China novel coronavirus (COVID-19) inactivated vaccine (Vero cell) phase I clinical trial developed by China national biological group Wuhan Biological Products Research Institute Co., Ltd. is currently under the “pre registration” pre registration status, according to 13 days reported by surging news. China’s second novel coronavirus vaccines registered in the clinical trial after the Chen Wei team were released according to public information.
According to the public information, inactivated vaccine means that the virus or bacteria are cultured first, and then inactivated by heating or chemical agent (usually formalin). The inactivated vaccine can be composed of either the whole virus or bacteria, or their fragments.
In addition, the recombinant new coronavirus (adenovirus vector) vaccine led by academician Chen Wei of Institute of bioengineering, Institute of military medicine, Academy of Military Sciences has also made new progress. According to the surging news report, on the morning of April 13, the phase II human clinical trial of the vaccine officially started in Wuhan, which is the first new coronavirus in the world to enter phase II human clinical trial Vaccine.
According to the press conference of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, China has chosen five technical routes to accelerate the research and development of new coronavirus vaccine after the outbreak, namely inactivated vaccine, recombinant subunit vaccine of genetic engineering, adenovirus vector vaccine, attenuated influenza virus vector vaccine and nucleic acid vaccine.