Zhong Meimei responds to being interviewed

Recently, Zhong Meimei, a boy from Hegang, Heilongjiang Province, became popular on the Internet because he imitated teachers. However, his videos about teachers were deleted, and some even said that he was interviewed by the education department.
On the morning of June 3, a staff member of Hegang Education Bureau told Red Star News reporters that there was no interview in the education system, and that parents and children felt it was not good to delete videos by themselves.
“Zhong Meimei”, a 13-year-old anchor of a short video platform, is a junior two student. Previously, because of several videos imitating teachers, people suddenly got attention. In the video, he imitated the teacher taking classes with illness, answering the director’s phone, getting angry and scolding the students who fell in love.
Netizens call it “behind the scenes” for its outstanding performance in holding female figures in place. Some netizens left a message saying: “the child is just a” teacher attached “and” saw his teacher’s shadow from the child “,” perfectly reproduced the teachers from primary school to high school “and” when he grows up, he can enter the entertainment circle and is a talent of performance “.
On May 29, a netizen posted that “Zhong Meimei” had been interviewed by relevant departments, and the video imitating the teacher had been deleted. Later, a piece called “imitating the teacher in charge of the class’s little” shadow Queen “Zhong Meimei was interviewed. Who killed the children’s creativity? 》Our articles are widely spread in wechat friends circle.
Up to now, the short video account of “Zhong Meimei” has 670000 fans, and 11 works have been published, among which the works of imitating teachers have disappeared. In recent two days, he has been sending works successively, the latest works are called “imitating the ticket seller of scenic spots” and “checking those people in the June 1 Games”.
The Red Star News reporter tried to contact “Zhong Meimei” through the phone left on his account, but a person who claimed to be his agent on the phone said that “Zhong Meimei” used his free time to take videos and had to study in class at ordinary times. In response to the “interview” and “video deletion” on the Internet, the above-mentioned agent did not respond. He said that “Zhong Meimei” has no problem at present and “lives well”.
Previously, on May 29, Zhong Meimei sent a video saying, “I don’t want to send those. I want to change my style and perform, but I don’t want to imitate the teacher. I’m tired of watching them.” On June 2, “Zhong Meimei” responded to the media saying that the interview was a rumor, and there will be a teacher’s imitation video update in the future.
However, according to media reports, the Education Bureau of Baoquanling Administrative Bureau of Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation said that the school had contact with “Zhong Meimei” and hoped to guide children to take some positive energy works.
On the morning of June 3, a staff member of Hegang Education Bureau told red star that there was no interview in the education system. “The problem of deleting videos is that the children and parents don’t think it’s very good. They delete videos by themselves. We didn’t ask them to do this.” The above staff also said that being good at imitation is a child’s talent, and the education system should also protect the child’s talent.