Two more local cases in Beijing

This afternoon, Beijing held its 113th press conference on epidemic prevention and control. The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed on June 11th and 12 is two days after the announcement.
It was reported at the meeting that on June 12, two new confirmed cases were found in Fengtai District of Beijing. They are employees of the same unit and have been transferred to designated medical institutions. The details are as follows:
Case 1: Liu XX, male, from Beijing, 25 years old, an employee of China Meat Research Center, who lives in Majiapu East Road, Xiluoyuan street, Fengtai District, rode alone to the fever clinic of the hospital under his jurisdiction on June 9. The patient had symptoms of sore throat, fever, cough and runny nose, with the highest temperature of 38.6 ℃. The patient stated that he had a history of going out of Beijing in recent 2 weeks (5 days’ business trip in Qingdao), and had no contact history with overseas personnel or Wuhan, Hubei Province. Wear masks throughout the visit. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed as positive in June 12th and was diagnosed by new experts.
Case 2, Yin XX, male, 37 years old, from Beijing, is an employee of China Meat Research Center, who lives in Jiaomen North Road, Xiluoyuan street, Fengtai District. On June 9, he developed itchy throat, sputum, slight cough, normal body temperature, and did not see a doctor or take medicine. In June 12th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was transferred to the designated hospitals in the district level after investigation. The samples were positive for nucleic acid detection, and the new crown pneumonia was diagnosed by experts. The patient stated that he had no history of going out of Beijing, overseas personnel or contact with Wuhan, Hubei Province in the past two weeks.
At present, two patients are isolated in designated hospitals for treatment. Now, Fengtai District is carrying out further epidemiological investigation on patients, sampling and testing of people and environment in places where patients have been, tracing back to the source, so as to achieve “flow regulation, detection and prevention and control at the same time”, realize the need for inspection, comprehensive layout, implement the disinfection of patients and communities, and implement the centralized isolation tube for close contact personnel Cut off the way of communication. At the same time, we should strengthen the management and control of communities and units, and conduct closed management of their communities and units.