Novel coronavirus pneumonia diabetes mellitus

Novel coronavirus pneumonia and diabetes, what is the relationship between?
The novel coronavirus pneumonia may cause diabetes in healthy people and cause serious complications in diabetics, a team from 17 new diabetes experts said recently in a letter published in the new England Journal of medicine.
A novel coronavirus, a 20 diabetes expert in the world, was published by the director of Department of Endocrinology and Professor Ji Linong, director of diabetes center of Peking University. The paper says that novel coronavirus pneumonia is associated with a higher risk of dying from the disease in elderly diabetic patients. At the same time, the new coronavirus may actually promote normal people to become new diabetic patients.
These studies not only novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with diabetes warning, but also to ordinary diabetic patients, and even the health of the public has alarmed the alarm.
New coronavirus “favors” diabetic patients
“Experts found that novel coronavirus pneumonia in many countries is a large proportion of people with diabetes mellitus, and those who have new crown pneumonia have high risk of entering the ICU and the risk of death.” Ji told SciTech daily.
Among novel coronavirus pneumonia patients worldwide, novel coronavirus pneumonia is found in 20% to 50% of patients. It is proved that diabetes is one of the underlying diseases that are closely related to the severity of new crown pneumonia infection. Epidemiological observation of novel coronavirus pneumonia areas and reports from some national health centers and hospitals showed that the risk of death from new crown pneumonia among diabetic patients was more than 50% higher than those of patients without diabetes.
Why are there novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with diabetes? Ji explained that this is because diabetes patients are in hyperglycemia for a long time, the body’s ability to defend against infection is low, and the risk of infection will increase. Meanwhile, the novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with diabetes are more likely to have higher blood sugar and blood glucose fluctuation. In the elderly, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is high, and cardiovascular diseases are more common. This is also one of the reasons for the high mortality of elderly diabetic patients infected with the new crown virus.
May induce new diabetes in normal people
“From the current understanding of the new coronavirus, it is not as seasonal as the SARS virus. If the prevention is not strengthened, there may be a risk of re outbreak. Therefore, both diabetes patients and the general population should pay more attention to the prevention of new coronavirus Ji said.
Although it has not been confirmed that new coronavirus can induce diabetes, there is evidence that new coronavirus infection may be a factor inducing diabetes.
Experts said that the binding strength of new coronavirus and ACE2 (angiotension converting enzyme 2, which is expressed in airway epithelial cells, intestines, pancreas and other tissues, and as the receptor of new coronavirus invading cells in the early stage) is very strong. Because of the virus infection, it can increase the blood glucose and metabolism abnormality in patients with acute diabetes through more active ACE2 receptor, and the potential damage of pancreatic β cells caused by the virus leads to The new coronavirus infection not only aggravates the condition of diabetic patients, but also may induce new onset diabetes in normal people.
Glucocorticoids novel coronavirus pneumonia is used in clinical treatment of some new crown pneumonia patients. Glucocorticoid therapy often causes blood sugar fluctuation. If long-term use of glucocorticoid treatment, the risk of diabetes will increase by 36% – 131%.
Strengthening blood glucose management is the best defense method
In the new crown epidemic situation, the treatment and management of chronic diseases, mainly diabetes, are challenged. According to statistics, the number of diabetes patients in China has reached 130 million, and there is one diabetes patient in every 10 people. However, the situation of blood glucose control in diabetes patients is not optimistic, and the rate of blood glucose reaching the standard is only 15.8%.
For patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia or hyperglycemia, Ji Linong said that controlling hyperglycemia can not only reduce the risk of acute complications of diabetes, but also improve the overall prognosis of new crown pneumonia. “Good blood glucose control and management is essential to reduce patient mortality and infection.” He stressed.
“Diabetes patients should strengthen the management of blood glucose and metabolism, which is an important primary prevention method; at the same time, different patients should carry out individualized goal management, lifestyle intervention, blood glucose monitoring and corresponding drug treatment. For patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia and diabetes mellitus, we should strictly control blood sugar and improve the prognosis of patients without increasing the risk of hypoglycemia. Insulin has the advantages of no gastrointestinal side effects, obvious hypoglycemic effect, favorable for tissue repair, timely adjustment of dosage and no taboo of liver and kidney functions, so it should be the first choice of treatment drugs. ” Ji said.
Experts said that for diabetics, strict control of blood sugar, balanced diet, reasonable work and rest, and keeping a happy mood are the best defense measures to cope with the new coronavirus. At the same time, in the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, we should do a good job in the management and prevention of diabetes, early diagnosis and treatment, control the occurrence and development speed of diabetes and its complications, and strengthen Diabetes prevention and control mechanism construction.