zhang Wenhong said don’t be bored any more

Another 2 weeks, suffocate the virus! You are not isolated at home, you are fighting! ” In February this year, Zhang Wenhong explained to the public the importance of home isolation through “suffocation” and “suffocation”.
Recently, Zhang Wenhong responded to this sentence again, “today we will not call on you to stay at home again.” On the online forum of “youth sports and health under the new normal of war epidemic” held on June 21, Zhang Wenhong said: after returning to work and resuming physical education, children can’t stay at home all the time and need to go out for sports, but they still need to take corresponding epidemic prevention measures. Talking about the current domestic epidemic situation, he said three big truths: “don’t take it for granted that both are seafood markets”; “the epidemic situation is not that we want to go back to zero”; “it should be no problem to take domestic travel with children in summer vacation”.
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Zhang Wenhong: the speed of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing is not comparable to that in Wuhan in the first stage
Zhang Wenhong, head of novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment expert in Shanghai, said in an online forum of “youth sports and health” under the new normal situation of war epidemic, the outbreak of Beijing’s small epidemic has aroused the vigilance of the whole country. The epidemic is not our imagination, but it will return to zero when it comes to zero. China strives to achieve close to zero, but it needs the participation of the whole world.
There are two distinct characteristics of the Beijing epidemic: first, the response speed of prevention and control is very fast, and the control speed of the epidemic is not comparable to that of Wuhan in the first stage. Second, Beijing has taken key epidemic prevention measures, so the economy and society will not be suspended.