Air conditioning condensate and surface checked

At 10:50 on July 1, Niujie market supervision office received a report that an employee of Baoji bean juice store in Niujie poured condensed water from air conditioning into the cage drawer insulation equipment. Law enforcement personnel rushed to the scene to investigate. After verification, Niujie Baoji bean juice store holds business license and food business license. The law enforcement officers did not find the act of making steamed buns in the scene. The steamed buns sold on site are the finished products purchased, and the qualification of suppliers is complete. After investigation, it was verified that the employee poured the air conditioning condensate into the insulation equipment under the cage drawer. The law enforcement officers sealed up the remaining steamed stuffed buns and cages on the spot and filed a case for investigation.
At noon on July 2, Niujie market supervision office respectively replied to the three informants by telephone, and all three were satisfied.
Next, we will continue to strengthen food safety supervision and safeguard food safety in our jurisdiction.
Xicheng District market supervision and Administration Bureau
July 2, 2020