Zhang Han talks about first love

It has been six years since Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang broke up. During this period, both of them had new love partners. However, because they are so popular with each other, many people are looking forward to their reunion. After so many years of separation, their names are still lingering together. Every time the other party has any news about love, the other’s name will be hot searched, and some netizens tease that they are the mainland version Unforgettable!
Last night, the third season of “heartbeat signal” was broadcast. Zhang Han participated in the recording of this program as a heart detective. Netizens said that the popularity of this season depends on Zhang Han, because his emotional life has always attracted the attention of the outside world. No matter what he says, the audience can automatically graft on Zheng Shuang. Even though he has been very careful, he will inevitably be brought with rhythm by people who are interested in it, Force his words into a different meaning.
Zhang Han was asked about the first love in the program. He replied, “the first love and my words are the greatest happiness of her life”. After the broadcast, this sentence aroused great controversy. Some people thought he played a lot of overbearing president, and the drama was too deep. Some people make complaints about him too much, and of course, the friction between his fans and Zheng Shuang fans is less.
In the comment area, the two fans split up when they disagree. When it comes to Zhang Han’s first love, many people think of Zheng Shuang as the first love, and they are all in the comment area to cue her. Zheng Shuang’s fans are dissatisfied. Zhang Han’s fans think that Zheng Shuang’s fans are directing and acting on their own, and a war of abuse has started.
However, Zhang Han once said that Zheng Shuang was his fifth girlfriend in the little flowers. Zheng Shuang also revealed in the interview that Zhang Han was her second boyfriend. They were not the first love of both parties. They had other stories before each other. However, because they were the first public love objects after their debut, many people misunderstood them as their first love.
After Zhang Han’s speech caused controversy, Zhang Han’s studio also sent a micro blog this morning to interpret what he said from the official position. Zhang Han’s interpretation of happiness is different. Although the official meaning is a little far fetched, it shows their position and is also a response to this incident.
In addition to the topic of first love, when it comes to whether love should be for the purpose of marriage, Zhang Han’s words are also misinterpreted by netizens as explaining why he broke up with Zheng Shuang. However, the point of view in this paragraph is very common, which means that only when you meet the right person at the right time can you have a good result.
In July, there was a news that Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang were suspected to be compound on the Internet. However, both of them made a clarification at the first time. Zheng Shuang also replied to CP powder in his second-hand shop. She and Zhang Han had no contact. She comforted CP powder and let them not be sad. They had already released themselves from this relationship, and only everyone remained in the past.
At the beginning, Zheng Shuang recorded 100 small things with Hu Yanbin in his book. A reporter asked her why she didn’t write about Zhang Han. She said that the relationship had passed for a long time, and her memory had been blurred. After Zhang Han, she also dated two boyfriends. Although there were no good results, she also made a lot of noise, but in these feelings she also got After growing up, what’s more difficult is that now we still have a sense of enterprise, which makes fans very happy.
However, fans should not hope that this pair of CP can be untied, feeling that they will continue to search for love problems in the future. Even if they all have a family after a few years, their names will still be intertwined, because many netizens, even if they are not their CP fans, also pay close attention to their emotional life, mainly because they are too well matched and did not come together in the end Everyone is very sorry. It’s hard not to pay attention to them. But there is no need for them to say a word casually. After all, they have more than one predecessor!