Indian forces raise the highest alarm

The Indian army with high altitude combat expertise has been deployed in the so-called “Ladakh area”, according to India today’s website on the 10th.
India today quoted sources as saying that the Indian army has deployed more troops and defensive forces in the past few days to enhance its military strength on the South and North banks of Bangong Lake.
According to the article, Indian troops specialized in Mountain Warfare are scattered in multiple locations, but the focus is still on the areas on both sides of Bangong Lake. The report said that the Chinese army has repeatedly tried to drive the Indian army out of the commanding height.
[Indian Mountain Warfare troops march towards Bangong Lake]
According to the report, the Indian army specially responsible for mountain operations has been deployed to the front positions of the so-called “Ladakh area”. An Indian official told India today that “the Chinese army, the movement of vehicles and the new fortifications of the Chinese army can be seen on the north and south banks of Bangong Lake. In some places, heavily armed troops are nearby.
The report quoted the official as saying that India is currently maintaining the “highest alert” state. Describing the fragile situation on the ground, another official said, “a small fuse could make the situation out of control.”
Indian media even said that the PLA has deployed about 50000 people in the confrontation area, and nearly 150 fighter planes have been put in place.
[Indian army repeatedly challenges PLA]
The focus of the Indian army’s current provocation is Bangong Lake, but the situation in other border areas has not changed much. In the gogra Hot Springs area, depson and dorrabogyuldi, the two sides are still under construction, but there is no confrontation.
This round of provocation launched by India has lasted for more than four months. Although the two sides have carried out different levels of negotiations, India still refuses to give up. In fact, since the confrontation on the South Bank of Bangong Lake on August 29, India has continued to increase its troops to the region and deploy more weapons systems, including tanks, and the situation has become more volatile.

[poor natural conditions along the Sino Indian border]

On September 7, Indian troops illegally crossed the line and entered shenpao mountain on the South Bank of Bangong Lake in the western section of the Sino Indian border. In the course of the operation, the Indian army blatantly threatened the patrol personnel of the Chinese border defense forces, and the Chinese border defense forces were forced to take measures to stabilize the local situation. The spokesman for the Western Theater responded: the troops in the theater will resolutely perform their duties and missions and resolutely defend the national territorial sovereignty.
On September 8, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the Indian army illegally crossed the border into shenpao mountain area on the South Bank of Bangong Lake in the western section of the Sino Indian border. The Indian side first fired a gun at the patrol personnel of the Chinese border defense forces. This is the first time since 1975 that the calm of the border between the two countries has been broken by gunfire. China has made solemn representations to the Indian side, demanding that the Indian side immediately stop dangerous operations, seriously investigate and punish those who fired provocations, so as to ensure that similar incidents will not happen again.