Tampering with nucleic acid Report

The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines recently reviewed and backchecked the confirmed new crown cases one by one according to the domestic notification. After examination, it was found that the original nucleic acid test results of Tang and Yu were positive. By tampering with the original test report, the two men tampered with the positive results into negative ones and cheated the nucleic acid code to return home. This blatant violation of China’s epidemic prevention laws and regulations has caused great harm to the health and safety of other passengers and crew members on the same flight, and also interfered with domestic epidemic prevention work. It is extremely immoral and irresponsible. At present, the embassy has informed the domestic public security department of the false nucleic acid detection of the two men, and will investigate the relevant personnel for corresponding legal responsibility.
The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines reminds Chinese citizens in the Philippines that they must strictly abide by the epidemic prevention laws and regulations of China and the host countries, and do not take chances and deliberately conceal their illness. Tampering with and falsifying nucleic acid test reports is an illegal act in both the Philippines and China and will face severe punishment.
The Chinese Embassy in the Philippines attaches great importance to the health and safety of Chinese citizens in the Philippines. It will, as always, spare no effort to provide services and assistance to Chinese compatriots. It will closely coordinate with the Philippine Chinese anti epidemic Committee, respond to the demands of our citizens in a timely manner from the aspects of mental health, medical consultation, nucleic acid detection and legal aid, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of our citizens and help solve practical difficulties Citizens return to China in an orderly manner to create convenient conditions.