Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee tears

Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee tears
Novel coronavirus pneumonia was held in Hubei Province on the forenoon of 21 September. The provincial government of Hubei held a commendation Conference against the new crown pneumonia. At the beginning of the meeting, all stood up in silence to pay tribute to the martyrs and the dead compatriots.
The reporter noted that in his speech at the conference, Ying Yong, Secretary of the Hubei provincial Party committee, wept when he mentioned the heroic person who paid his life.
Ying Yong said novel coronavirus pneumonia was unfortunate in the whole province during the epidemic period, and more than 3000 medical workers were in the hospital.
He read out the names of Jiang Xueqing, Liu Zhiming, Li Wenliang, Liu fan, Xia Sisi and Peng Yinhua. “They are the most lovely people in the new era and the backbone of our nation.”
According to the live broadcast of Hubei local media, he took off his glasses and wiped his tears.
“The great anti epidemic Spirit tells us that the road ahead will not be smooth, there will be difficulties and even rough seas. As long as we are indomitable and indomitable, open to difficulties in times of difficulty and top up at critical moments, we will surely write a magnificent chapter worthy of the times. ” Ying Yong said.
Recalling the course of fighting the epidemic, Ying Yong said that we will always remember the great spirit and extraordinary strength displayed by the heroic people of Hubei and Wuhan. “Seal a city, protect a nation.”. The people of the whole province are aware of the general situation, take into account the overall situation, work together in the storm and help each other, and build a steel great wall of concentric anti epidemic.
540000 medical staff in the whole province fought hand in hand with the virus, taking the lead in the battle of epidemic prevention and control; community workers, public security police, grass-roots cadres, sinking and volunteers were not afraid of the wind and rain, and were firmly on the front line of epidemic prevention and control; the transport support team of the troops stationed in Hubei Province walked through the streets and alleys; the express boys, sanitation workers and supermarket salesmen worked hard to serve thousands of families.
Ying Yong said that in the quiet land of Jingchu, people consciously closed their doors and houses to fight the epidemic. Behind every lamp and every door and window, there is a special battlefield. In the dark moment of the virus, many residents spontaneously gathered on the balcony to sing the national anthem. The post-90s and post-00s put on their war clothes and grew up overnight to become a new force in the fight against the epidemic. Tens of thousands of “water drops” converged into a surging “back wave”, showing their youthful and passionate demeanor! With courage and love, the people of the whole province lit a fire and held up a sky in exchange for “epidemic” to spring and mountains and rivers intact.