The final diagnosis was negative

China news network client Qingdao, October 13 (reporter Hu Yaojie) on the afternoon of October 13, Qingdao held a news conference on epidemic prevention and control. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a taxi driver named Shao Shao, has tracked 52 close contacts in Qingdao. Chen Wanshengtong has been followed up by intensive observation and quarantine. The results of 2 rounds of nucleic acid tests were negative, according to the report of Qingdao municipal government general office deputy director. 89 close contacts of the above 52 close contacts have also been tracked and managed.
In the afternoon of October 13, Qingdao held a press conference on the prevention and control of the epidemic situation in Qingdao. As of 15:30 on October 13, 6 confirmed cases were found in Qingdao, including 3 cases of severe type and 3 cases of common type. Among them, 3 severe cases were treated in the West Coast Hospital of Qingdao University Affiliated Hospital, and 3 ordinary cases were treated in Qingdao Third People’s hospital. In addition, 6 cases of asymptomatic infection were also treated in Qingdao Third People’s hospital. For critically ill patients, a treatment expert group has been set up to conduct accurate diagnosis and treatment with “one person, one case”.