Diagnosis of 42 blood donors in Korea

China News Network October 16th novel coronavirus pneumonia, according to Korean media, 15, according to the “blood donor’s new crown diagnostic list” obtained from the Korean Red Cross, Jin Chengzhu, member of the Korean parliament’s health and Welfare Committee, said that as of August, 42 of all blood donors in 2020 were diagnosed with new crown pneumonia. In addition, 45 of the blood component preparations made from their blood have been delivered for blood transfusion.
According to reports, 45 of 99 blood component preparations made from the blood of confirmed patients, such as red blood cells and platelets, have been taken out of the warehouse for patients who need blood transfusion. However, the health authorities did not inform patients of the transfusion.
Jin Chengzhu said that the Ministry of health and welfare, the Department of disease management and the Korean Red Cross Society held a regular blood safety meeting in February. Considering the side effects of blood transfusion related to the new infectious diseases, they decided to treat the blood of the newly diagnosed patients as “unqualified blood” and discard them.
According to the blood management act, health authorities are obliged to abolish substandard blood and inform transfusions of relevant facts.
However, at the second meeting of the blood management committee held in March, the relevant authorities decided not to add administrative measures such as follow-up investigation of blood transfusion recipients on the ground that “there is no case of infection and transmission of respiratory virus through blood, such as new coronavirus”.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients who received blood components before receiving the diagnosis of the new crown pneumonia were not informed of the fact and postprocessing.