Trump talks about running for election in four years

“I don’t want to talk about 2024 yet,” said trump, who was asked by reporters for the first time after the general election on the 26th of local time, on whether trump will participate in the 2024 US presidential election.
According to the above-mentioned remarks, trump made a speech to the U.S. military service on the day of the U.S. military service.
When asked by a reporter if he would consider running for the U.S. presidential election again as a Republican candidate in 2024, trump replied, “I don’t want to talk about 2024 yet.” He said the results of the 2020 presidential election “still have a long way to go.”.
According to the report, trump also said on the same day that if the electoral college voted to confirm Biden’s victory, he would leave the White House and admitted that admitting defeat was actually a very difficult thing.
Nearly three weeks after the election vote, the United States has finally taken the first step in the formal power transition. On the 23rd, the U.S. General Administration wrote to Biden, admitting that he was a “clear winner.”. On the same day, the Biden team moved its website to the government server and announced the first cabinet list, including the Secretary of state and other important diplomatic and national security candidates. Biden confirmed on the night of 24 local time that the White House had approved him to receive the president’s daily classified intelligence briefing. He also revealed that officials of the transitional government had contacted each of the corresponding federal agencies.