My grandmother

I think she’s almost one hundred years old this year. Her eyes are always changing, but they always shine some light. Despite her silver hair and wrinkles on her face. She always sat in front of the house with a bench and looked at the mountain in front of her. Every day she did so. I don’t know what she’s looking at. “What on earth is she looking at?” Grandpa looked at me with a twinkling eye and said, “What do children know so much? You can accompany her more!” I never asked Grandpa again, because I knew she was a woman with stories, and she was very kind to everyone around us. She always looked at me with loving eyes, and our house was just a few steps away.
“Girl, come here!” I sat on the ground and had a good time with a big hen. “Ah -” I should make peace, let go of the hen, and run quickly to her. “Take these back to the house to eat.” She pushed a bowl of chicken into my hand, pointed to the bowl of chicken and said to me, “It’s delicious to take it back to the house and fry it. But don’t tell anyone! “I nodded with joy. Take a bowl of chicken back to the kitchen owner. Grandma saw it and asked, “Where did you get chicken?” I answered truthfully. “Eat quickly, don’t be known.” I didn’t take these words seriously. I just ate them. The next day, my grandmother said to me, “She gave us a bowl of chicken, and nobody else had it.” I jumped, paused and said nothing, but I finally understood the meaning of the words. Grab rice with white flowers in a bowl. “I’m going to school!” I picked up my schoolbag and went straight to the gate. When she came to her house, smoke rose from the bittern, and no one was seen at the door. I knew she was cooking breakfast. I walked in the field, with woody incense of firewood, the fragrance of the land and the unique smell of grass and trees, straight into my nose. Her house was surrounded by a thin morning mist.
That year, her eldest son died, saying that he had a quarrel with his daughter-in-law and fell down the stairwell on the second floor without paying attention. She didn’t cry or make any noise. As usual, she moved a bench, sat in front of the house, looked at the mountain with her eyes, and seemed to be looking forward to something! Her thin body explained her sorrow and pain. “Grandpa, what is she looking at?” I asked. Grandpa did not answer my question. His eyes flashed and he said to me, “Your grandpa is not here anymore. Go with her more.” I nodded. I was still young at that time and would not be sad. After all, I was not close to my grandfather. I went to the back hill to pick some guavas and wash them. Jumping up to her house, she moved a bench and sat side by side with her. “Want to eat?” I took out the guava and shook it in front of her. “Eat it!” She looked at me, her eyes no longer fluctuated. I looked at her and didn’t know what to say. Wouldn’t she be more sad if I said something wrong? My eyes darkened and I took a bite of guava. My face was twisted and my mouth was so sour that I immediately spit out. She looked at my silly appearance and grinned, revealing only a few silver teeth. “It’s not ripe yet. It must be terrible to take it off like this.” “Girl, go home and take a bath!” Every time at this time, Grandma’s voice will ring. “Ah-” I answered. I got up and ran back to the house and threw the unripe guavas into the field in front of her house. After a while, the light smoke slowly rose from the chimney of her house.
She was ill and lay in bed every day. Grandpa took care of her day and night, and spent a lot of money. “I also saw her take a bath in the evening! What’s wrong?” Grandma was distressed by Grandpa. Grandpa spent all his savings on her treatment. When I got home from school, “Where’s Grandpa?” I put down my schoolbag and ran to the kitchen, but there was no one in the kitchen, neither in the living room nor in the room. I went to ask Ali, and she told me, “Your grandpa accidentally drank some drunken drugs, and now he’s in the hospital for rescue.” I’m very worried, how can it be so well? At night, they haven’t come back yet. I made a phone call. On the phone, my mother’s voice was trembling, and my grandmother’s cry came into the phone and into my ear. “You must get up early and go to school tomorrow.” “Good.” I hung up. At night, the second sister covered her head with quilt and sobbed very little. I knew she was crying alone.
Grandma was so superstitious that she went to someone to tell her fortune: “She will eat your husband’s life and prolong her life.” From then on, Grandma said, “It’s because she harmed your grandfather that your grandfather drank that bottle of drop medicine and wine in dismay.” Grandma won’t let us sit in her room anymore. She looks ugly when she is mentioned. Several times when I came home, I dared not enter her house. Now, she doesn’t live in this house, but every time she passes by her house, she has an unspeakable taste. I shouldn’t do anything about Grandma’s inexplicable accusation and hatred of her. In fact, everyone present that day knows that it was Grandma who put Dropping Drug Wine into the abandoned bottle of “cough syrup water”. Grandpa was in poor health and coughed all the time. Everyone knows that Grandma is just looking for a reason to comfort herself, but is it really fair to her?
Last year when she came home, she came back. When I passed by, I said hello to her: “Hey -” I shook hands with her. She grinned at once, and the kindness in her eyes was even worse: “Come back?” I nodded, “Yeah, but I’m going to Grandma’s house later!” “Oh.” Her eyes sparkled. She was thinner and had more wrinkles on her face. The same is still her silver hair, or that white. This time, no one asked me to accompany her more.
She is my grandmother. She has lived for nearly a century, but she is so lonely. The passage of time has taught her to accept everything.