Traces in the snow

In the cold winter, heavy snow fell on the frozen plum of the thousand miles. Falling in this place, because of the pond where I live, Miller is on the chimney of the farmhouse, just like the Tomb of Tokyo. Killing all the sights, trying to cover up the traces of their existence, but the only thing that can’t cover the string of new footprints that have been passed. Year after year. On the winter and winter day, many people in this land have left a deep and shallow brand. They love this land and love the relatives living in this land. For me, these footprints are not just simple traces, but the best and happiest memories of my heart. Whenever these footprints remain on the snow in the winter, when our villages began to become lively, the relatives who worked in the field gradually returned. Their faces are filled with happy smiles, bathed in the sun, step by step to us.

I remember that last winter, the parents rushed back and left in a hurry. All I can miss is the string of new footprints left by them. I want to make up for the emptiness and loneliness in my heart. I remember that the footprints when I came here were full of joy. When people took all kinds of strange things, they excitedly dreamed of their diary nights and couldn’t think of a place to go. The people who had not seen each other for a long time, the warmth they produced, It is enough to change the chill of everyone. Upon returning home, the sisters began to cook a variety of food, and the rest of the people gathered in the main hall, chatting hotly about their lives and interesting events. The lively atmosphere will render the world, the sky will stop snowing. At the moment when the sky was bright, a string of firecrackers blasted openly, and the sound of the slap in the air drove the atmosphere of the audience. Other firecrackers also exploded, creating a little little fun for the world. At this time, this land is the most lively time. The adults continue to wave their hands and start to arrange the decorations. The children who can’t get up will leave here and gather their own friends. Look for fun that you have never explored. After everything is ready, I will start eating New Year’s Eve. The process of eating is destined to be long and boring. Those naughty children will bend their heads and think, where is the fun? After thinking of it, I will put down the tableware, fly out and go out to the heaven and earth that I think in my heart.

As the nightfall continued, a few lights in the room had begun to go out, and most of the lights were still on, which were the traditional night watchmen. In this way, the New Year’s Eve is finished, and the year is over. After a while, the lively village was quiet and seemed strange. Silence is scary. I remember that the footprints when I left were sad. It was obvious that no one said a word. It was just a simple wave, but it made people feel a lot of emotions. It smothered the weakest place in their heart until all The old people who have left their homes are still in their original position. Their eyes are close to greed, they want to see a little more, and they finally leave behind. Knowing that the backs of the young people are getting farther and farther, disappearing into the distance, leaving only a row of deep and shallow footprints. The little children saw the back of their parents, leaving two tears. In fact, they don’t know anything. They just know that their parents have begun to leave them. They don’t know when they will wait until they see them again. Even children know that they don’t see their heart and don’t want them to leave. They don’t want to accept such a desertedness, and they don’t want to be accompanied by their parents. But the parting is indeed so quiet.

The world is so ridiculous, fortunately, the distance between you and my heart has not changed. When the night is quiet, have you ever had a manager who appreciates the traces in the snow alone, are the traces of the spots, are the marks left by the loved ones you miss? Don’t worry, although the years have erased those traces, those memories will take root in your mind and become the most powerful and softest memory of your future days.