Summer day

It was a summer day.

At that time, I just dropped out of school and waited for the bus in front of the bus stop. But after waiting for a long time, I did not see a little shadow of the bus. At that time, when the summer was empty, the hot sun was burning on the earth, without a trace of clouds, standing in front of the bus license plate, the whole body was very hot by the hot sun test, sweating dripping, dripping onto the hot earth. It has turned into countless water vapors. I am very annoyed, like complaining about the driver of that bus. Suddenly, the outline of the bus was traced in the distance, and the color was slowly seen. The bus came, I was very happy, and finally waited. At this point I have been soaked in sweat.

Walking in, I listened sideways, but found a discordant voice. Your bus is slowly approaching me, and the discordant voice has once again increased. I got on the bus as soon as I opened the car. I saw the bus driver and a grandfather are screaming. Plus, because the driver drove the car and let me wait too long, I was also on the side of the old man, and I didn’t feel a good impression on the driver. I saw the bus driver angry and said: “You are an unreasonable person, cough! (coughing) You are… You are right, impossible! My nephew is dumb, cough! Every day when I get off the bus, I have to Shouted: ‘Who wants to get off?’ I will call you a day when I call you. You are also counting on me to talk to you. I wish you (the dialect) is simply a fantasy, you are bored and can’t talk to the bus driver. You even have this. Don’t know? If you talk, forget it, you cough and quarrel me, saying that it is my fault, cough! Are you ready to report me? I am driving so hard today, pulling you, not pulling you are so little money. I rely on This cough! What a little money, I have to raise a family, what about you? If you have nothing to look for!! Hey!” The bus driver talked incoherently, the more he talked, the more excited he was, the more worried he accidentally bumped into it. The car, the old man retorted: “I didn’t have a credit card, I didn’t pay. I am an old card! You think it is clear that you will be fired when you hit the customer like this!” The bus driver has nothing to say. Grandfather, gloating. It is estimated that this driver has accumulated a lot of grudges for many years. Nowhere to speak, suddenly broke out: “Hey! Can you understand our hardships? We have to start pulling people at 7:00 in the morning. It has to be pulled until 8:00 in the evening to get off work. Your pension is so high, I even You haven’t had half of them. I still have to pull back and forth two times to get off work. Every time I pull people, I am afraid, and I will be fired by the company if I am not careful.” The bus driver said excitedly, but also slightly The convulsions, at the crossroads in front, the bus driver gently slid the two lines of tears hanging on his face.

I am silent.

The old man is also silent.

For a long time, the old man said: “I didn’t expect your bus driver to be so hard, hehe!” The old man sighed deeply. Apologize to the bus driver.

I saw the bus driver’s eyes red, and a few drops of tears fell from his cheeks. I also regretted that I should not misunderstand the bus driver, how hard they are, how hard it is!!!

It won’t be long before I should get off.

When I was about to get out of the car, I finally sang a soft voice.

“Children, cough! Get out of the car and be safe! Cough!”

Suddenly, I felt a warm current pouring into my heart. I don’t know how it feels? Is it exciting or moving? Is it praise or admiration? I think there is also a warm current pouring into my heart, touching my heart, dispelling the heat of summer and alleviating the anxiety in my heart, although The voice of the bus driver is very disgusting to me. It is very hoarse. It seems that I have suffered through the vicissitudes of life. However, the sentence is like a chicken soup, although the taste is not so good. However, drinking it for a long time can not be forgotten!

Respect the bus driver, as well as all the people who work hard for the job!