Kite flying in the low air, eager to fly freely in the wind, struggling to the predicament, but forgot to protect your spool at all times.

After the start of the new semester, everything was so smooth, teaching teachers, advanced teachers, until the end of the first unit exam, I deeply realized what is called the blue sky.

On the ruthless test paper, I wrote two red words with glare. My heart seemed to be pierced by a sharp blade, and the blood flowed. Looking at the ridiculous results, I suddenly lost my eyes and cried when I walked. I was confused. I don’t know how to face the ardent hopes of my parents. I don’t know how to return the face of my grandmother and my aunt. I am sorry for the cultivation of my parents, but I am angry that they have given me the pressure. I have the pain of the exam, and the thought of giving up. In short, my heart feels mixed. I am too late to push the door open. I blame myself in my heart: Do you have any ambitions? If you take a test, you don’t think about making progress! What is the use of timidity? My sense of responsibility has made me step into the gate. “How is the class going?” As usual, this is usually the first sentence. “Alright.” I walked straight to my door. I had to digest the load. It was not so much digestive as it was to escape. “Right,” his father suddenly poked his head out of the kitchen: “How was the last exam?” My heart was like a blood hole, and I couldn’t speak. My father never beats me – even if I look bad, but I am afraid of his eyes, the distracting, the cold, the cold, the pity and other complex emotions, as long as I look at me, I feel uneasy. “How many points in the end?” I saw hesitantly stuttered, and my father asked. My eyes are dodging, my hands are sweating, and the knuckles are white: “eight…eight…five…” “What?” Mom reprimanded me with his uninspired jealousy. Don’t even listen to me, but I don’t know why. My head is hot, and I don’t feel like blurting out. “Do you only have grades in your eyes?” I always slammed the door to my parents. I don’t know what happened to me. Maybe this kind of resentment has existed for a long time, but it only broke out today.

Many people are flying kites. I came to the square and saw such a scene – countless high flying kites are connected in people’s spools. The mood was very bad. I sold a swallow kite to the hawker. Under his enthusiasm, my kite quickly flew into the sky. I didn’t dare to make the kite fly very high, just flying low, because the little kite and me had only one thin invisible line connection to maintain. What I can do at this time is just holding the spool tightly. The kite flew at a low altitude, and I gradually felt relieved that I began to slowly release the line and the kite rose a little. The heart that I had laid down was once again hung up, but the kite was still very obedient to me, and it was high and low. I suddenly felt that this line of sauce kite was bound, so that it was at my mercy, I began to hate myself, I hope the line is broken, let the kite fly freely, thinking, the line has been put to the end. Suddenly, the line was broken! The kite slammed into the sky, like a child who was awake, I don’t know why, I breathed a sigh of relief. But what happened later was terrible. The kite rolled up and down in the air and finally landed on the opposite sidewalk.

I thought I was free from the bondage, and the kite would fly freely, but I never thought that his fate was so desolate. Instantly – I understand, I am the kite in the air, eager to fly. The good intentions of the parents are the spools of the tight-fitting kites. How can a kite fly higher and farther without the support and care of parents?

I’m home. “I’m sorry.” As soon as he stepped into the house, he had three mouths and said the same thing.

I hope that the kites and the spools will be involved each other and will never stop.