Walk with your phone

Everyone sees this topic must be strange. I have a walk with my parents. I have a walk with my classmates. I also have some fashionable uncles, aunts and puppies, kittens walking, how can I walk with my mobile phone?

This matter has to start from my father. My father works in the Xinjiang Branch of the Oilfield Design Institute. Because he can only go home during the Spring Festival, my mother and I will go to Xinjiang to visit relatives every year during the summer vacation and visit my father.

Dad’s work is very busy, so usually, Dad will go to the station to pick me up and my mother, ask me to have a good meal with my mother, and then I should do the work. My mother and my relatives actually just changed to a more recent place and continued to wait for Dad to go home.

Design Institute Xinjiang Branch is located in Korla, the most beautiful city in southern Xinjiang, with a Peacock River passing through the city. Listening to Dad, the two sides of the Peacock River were farms and large orchards. After the oil people came, it was gradually transformed and developed here. The locals planted a large number of trumpet flowers, marigolds, and taro, on both sides of the strait. The poplar trees were moved from a distance, and the statues of Uighurs and yurts and lehrs were built, and various neon lights were set up. Together with the original vineyards and pear gardens, it has a unique ethnic and modern atmosphere. It has become a good place for many people to take a walk in the evening.

After dinner every day, my mother and I will go for a walk along the Peacock River. Almost every time my mother will be jealous: When will we be able to walk together like a family of three? Finally, one day my father said to me and my mother when I was having dinner: “I have nothing tonight. After dinner, I will accompany you to the river and walk to the river.” My mother and I were surprised and looked at it immediately. Speeding up the speed of eating, I still secretly calculated in my heart, asking my father to ask me to eat red willow barbecue.

Soon, our family of three went out. But I haven’t walked out of the door of the community. Dad’s cell phone rang: “Hey! Hello!…Li, you are talking about the project in Tope?…well, good, I am with our designers. Let me talk about it, you can rest assured, you can rest assured! Good, goodbye!”.

Far from hearing the sound of the river flowing, my father’s cell phone rang again: “Hey! Wang Gong, hello!… Ah, you said that, that we thought it was enough, no need to Increase, … mainly to consider the cost issue, if you think it is necessary, you can communicate with our designers again, … good, good, then we will see you tomorrow! Goodbye!”.

Finally set foot on the river embankment! The cool breeze blew, people’s footsteps seemed so relaxed, and melodious music came from far away. “Husband! You see where there is a show!” “Yes! Uighurs and Mongolians can sing and dance, so there are often self-entertainment performances…” 嘀, 嘀, 嘀, Dad The phone is ringing again! “Hey, hello, ah, sir! Hello, hello!… We have finished the construction drawing, and it has already been sent this afternoon!… Didn’t you receive it?… Ok. I will ask, for a while. I will give you a reply, good, good, goodbye “…” Hey, brother! I asked for the construction drawing of Party A this afternoon. Have you sent it?… Party A said that he did not receive it, or if you check it, if you can’t, then give it again. People send a copy?…good, good, my brother told you to worry!” “Hey, Wang…”. Dad finally put down his mobile phone and smiled at me and my mother. “Go, I will bring you the ladies to see the show, the Uyghur Mkamu is very famous!”. “Dad, after the walk is over, let’s go eat barbecue?” “No problem! Where do you want to eat?” “Go…” 嘀, 嘀, 嘀 Dad’s cell phone and “timely” sounded “Ah, Xiao Wang, oh, You said! Nothing!… This is the problem. If the pump lifts… well, don’t hesitate, you have a question, I am fine! Good, goodbye!” Mom groaned and glanced at Dad: “Who said you are fine? Is it not a matter to accompany us? Oh, I am wondering, are you working in Xinjiang without the concept of going to work or getting off work?” At this time, Dad proudly raised his head: “You don’t understand this.” Well, the brothers in our branch are like this. The project is coming. It doesn’t matter if you get off work or work. In order to catch up with the time, it is common to go to sleep at 3 or 4 in the evening. I am so embarrassed! It is relying on such work attitude. The output value of our branch will be up to the next year!”

In this way, my mother and I watched the Mongolian dance in my father’s “Hello, Hello, Project, Design…”, listened to Mkamu, and ate the barbecue. Finally, in Dad’s constant “construction, cooperation, drawings…”, he has no choice but to return home.

Walking on the way home, my mother suddenly asked me: “Huang Xin, you said that your father is walking with his wife, or walking with his mobile phone?” Her eyes were smiling at Dad! Dad smiled embarrassedly…

Speaking of this, you already understand, my father is walking with my mobile phone. Although he often walks with me and my mother to walk with the phone, I still admire him. Because he did his best for the sustainable development of the design branch in Xinjiang, he also did his best for loving me and my mother.