Baptism of the Mind

If the heart can be flat, quiet as water, packed in round or square containers, or even in rivers and seas, what damage will it cause? Who can tolerate everything, and can be tolerated by everything. Because water is never the same.
Buddha, also can be understood as a man of perfect practice, what is perfect? Some people will say that the mood changes. Understanding: Understanding that quiet tasting of a pot of Oolong tea can cleanse the soul better than a noisy dinner, such as Lin Qingxuan’s Qinghuan, the reason is that he just has no need for life, not talking about material only about the soul. That is to say, “What’s in the mountains? There are many white clouds on the mountains. They can only be pleasant. They can’t afford to give you gifts. They are the first-class people.” The first-rate figures are also. It’s good, but what I understand is that the Buddha-in-law people are enlightened in life and can repent for their mistakes at any time. I have confessed more than once, but I have never really been baptized. I soaked in the struggle, and there was not much hardship to wash me. To understand a baptism of love from the perspective of a bystander, such love as lotus, pure, pure…
Shaving is my heart’s tenderness
Bai Suzhen, a thousand-year-old snake spirit, is waiting for the broken bridge, waiting for the child who was thousands of years ago. When they suffered again and again and struggled with a monk named Fahai, they were able to live together and end their lives together. Fahai reappeared, and split it up in the name of him, an old way of catching demons. Bai Suzhen enters Leifeng Pagoda and Xu Hanwen shaves into Buddhist gate. I highly disapprove of this. I would like to ask a demon who is concerned with his husband, how to be a demon, how a gentle woman like water harms people, what Buddha is and what Buddha is. It’s not to cut off all six desires. It’s not to fulfill his will in a false name. But they have their own opinions. They are not wholeheartedly for Buddha, but wholeheartedly for human beings. They do not mean that Buddha is heartless and insensitive. If there is no emotion, how to universalize all living beings? Xu Xian’s shaving let me see his own meaning: shaving, but also for baptism, through struggle and suffering, exercise, physical hardship. I also have my own opinion: he, who has cleared away the troubles of life, sinks into Buddhist rites, confesses in front of Buddha, promises the next life to the woman who lives in his heart… When you are sad, calm down, rationalize and cut it off, and the sorrow of separation will go away naturally.
Tears for your sad ferry
I can’t taste the fragrant alcohol of Oolong, and I can’t appreciate the indifferent and leisurely atmosphere of Biluochun. Tea tasting is said to be a change of mood in life. It is only when you drink bitter things that you gradually cool down. How do you touch your mouth? The lingering fragrance on the tip of your tongue is very refreshing. I have tasted sugar, it seems that some people’s mood changes. It will be contained in the mouth, a strong bitterness occupies my heart, slowly dissipating the taste, acid immediately occupies the taste bud, exhaled the air, the tip of the nose also infected, when he slowly slid out, sweetness flowed into the stomach along the saliva… Experienced the three tastes, experienced the baptism of taste, but also felt that “life is not satisfactory in the world”. Emotional frustration and suffering are the inevitable sadness of life. Seeing the flying flowers fall to the end of the broken intestines; hearing the zither flow can not help but be dismayed; candles weep for us at night; silkworms spin silk in spring until the end of the day… Who has ever understood that after these baptisms: after falling flowers and dancing, the new sprouts of spring will be pulled up; when candles burn out, the dawn will rise; when spring silkworm spins silk, it is the rebirth of a moth; when flying flowers fall, spring silkworm spins silk, candles shed tears, the river of time gently flows through the sad ferry of life.
If the heart can be cold, it will become ice, can cut flesh and skin, and even freeze the world. If the heart can be hot and dry, it will turn into smoke and disappear, can not see you again, or even burn themselves, burning the world. Our life is spent in baptism, our life can not be discounted, to bloom the beauty of water.