Tom广州洗浴排名and Jerry

In what age, there were fish to eat and mice to catch.
My family also has cats. I have seen cats eat fish, and of course cats eat mice. But according to my observation, when cats eat fish, their expression is quite exciting. But when they eat mice, they are not so exciting. So I guess in the eyes of cats, fish must be much better than mice.
But the problem is that cats don’t catch fish by themselves. The fish they eat must be for nothing. There are two channels, one is that other animals eat the leftovers, do not want to eat any more, feel bored, want to change their tastes, so they give the fish to the cat; the other is that the cat depends on its own “wisdom” to get, but the problem is that the cat does not have the ability to catch fish, how can we imagine.
But cats are born to catch mice. Catching mice is his skill. In the eyes of cats, catching mice should be more convenient than catching fish? In fact, I think everyone is wrong. Maybe the cats are thinking better now, unlike the cats before. Rats are usually very广州洗浴大全你懂的clever and cunning. They usually hide in corners that people can’t see. It’s hard to find them. But catching fish is different. Although catching fish is not a cat’s specialty, catching fish is better. Fish is not as cunning as mice. If you make a mistake and catch a relative of the cat’s eldest brother, that’s a great thing. But fish is different. Fish live in water and mice live on the ground like human beings. That’s two differences. Class. There is no direct business relationship between fish and cats, but rats and cats are different. So sometimes it’s easier to catch fish than to catch mice. If you can’t catch fish, drain the water on which it lives to see how it lives.
There are four cats in the picture. Of course, the leader is sitting at the top. He eats fish directly in his stomach. This fish can’t catch itself, but it’s eating itself. Let other cats see that gossip is not good. If a cat asks, he can totally deny it. Anyway, you haven’t seen me eat it face to face. Then you’ll be shut up in the cat’s psychiatric hospital to treat you. Ha-ha, after eating and drinking, he touched his belly with both hands, smiled, and began to think in his heart how to get a big fish to eat next time. The two cats next to them had been working for a few years, and they were thinking that the fish was delicious and they could get something for nothing every day. The two cats were still discussing intensely, not even having time to eat the fish on the plate, but still looking at what the fourth cat was doing. The two cats, the standard indignant green cat, did not do any good work in a day and said nothing useful. If you don’t finish eating quickly, be careful that the first cat will blame you for eating fish. Finally, this cat is more special. He does not mix with other cats, fish do not eat.广州洗浴中心哪家好 When he sees a mouse, he goes to catch mice regardless of his own safety. That’s good. This cat is the hope and future of the cat country. But this cat must have just joined the work soon. Catching mice is OK, but don’t. In the end, he bleeds and tears, so he has to keep exercising. Another possibility is that the cat is the most intelligent cat. It knows its duty is to catch mice. It can’t eat fish regularly. It will make other cats gossip. So, when necessary, it will catch a little mouse. In this way, we can publicize in the cat industry, our tradition of catching mice has not been lost,广州洗浴有俄罗斯美女多 the image has also gone up, the fish has also been, a double-edged sword, it is not pleasant.
So, in what era, “Don’t catch mice if you have fish to eat. A cat catching mice is a silly cap.”