Home River

Home rivers ripple past the gates, passing through the mountains like a silver ribbon circuitous pavement to the distance. Its trickles flow silently, although not as strong as rivers and rivers, but she warms our hearts with tenderness and nurtures people here with mother’s mind.
There are always many unforgettable memories in life, and many stories and dreams in the years, which make people unforgettable. You are my dream loved ones, you often dream to let me again and again in your arms, so warm and happy, I harvest this beautiful memory in the dream: you sometimes tinkle, tinkle, sometimes clatter, clatter, sometimes silent, sometimes high, sometimes low, sometimes gentle, this is the original. The melody of ecology, this is the message you sent to me in my dream. You walk through mountains and rivers, accompanied by trees, grass, strange peaks and rocks on both sides, accompanied by the wind, the waves of trees and the cries of birds; you walk through fields, rivers, streams, people… In my heart is a perfect landscape painting, pastoral poetry; you flow through the hearts of the villagers, generations of generations is your jelly nourishing this person. Whether in spring, summer, autumn and winter, whether in splendor or wealth, no matter in the vicissitudes of the world, no matter in spring, flowers, autumn or moon, no matter in joy or sorrow, you are “not happy with things, not sad with yourself”, which is your spirit.
The river was my childhood paradise, where I used to play. Look at the crab in the crack. It’s standing there like a rabbit. It’s only when you lift the stone that it slowly climbs under another crack. Adults say that crab’s pliers eat a lot of strength, so we often eat it raw, whether there is scientific reason is not verified, but most of the people in their hometown can bear hardships and endure hard work, strong and strong this is the fact. Look at the small fish in the river swimming freely and smoothly, never tireless. It is loach that likes to drill in and out of the mud. It is slippery all over. It is not easy to catch it. Sometimes it is clearly grasped in the hand, but it can not make it run. The meat is “Ma Yu Lu”. It’s slippery, but slow and easy to catch. The meat is delicious. The longest and most beautiful are “white wings” and “red wings”, which is also our favorite childhood. At noon in summer, we soak in the rivers, scrambling, catching fish, crabs, swimming, fighting, and laughter ripples over the rivers. When tired of playing, they lie on the beach, watch dragonflies play with water and watch tadpoles play with each other. Look at the girl with long hair by the river. She’s doing the laundry? The sound of making clothes is so crisp and soft. She is also integrated with the water volume, and her figure is rippling with the waves. A thirsty uncle over there was holding a small river to quench his thirst. The sweet river flowed into his heart. He was so happy. The countryside is quiet at night. Only the river is singing along. In fact, it never stops. It flows far away day and night to chase and feel the vastness of the sea.
It was in the river that I learned to swim. Don’t underestimate the trickle of water. It can make a pool when it comes together. Under a boulder in the village, it accumulates into a pool called “Longtan”. Although the water is not deep, it has some spirit because of the “dragon”. At first I could not swim, so I drove my calf into the water and swam in the water with its tail pulled. I wondered when I let it go and it didn’t sink. So I learned that the river belonged to me. “Longtan” is also the main place for home people to relax, especially in the summer, when tired, jump into the “Longtan” to soak themselves in this cool water, all the troubles are gone with the water.
Stars turn around, in a twinkling of an eye, when we were young, these playmates were getting married and starting businesses. I also left my hometown to fight in other places, but the river water was flowing in my heart forever.