Mother’s love is bigger than heaven and earth.

I have never lived in a place for a long time, always migrating like a migratory bird, so I hate wandering life, prejudice against my mother. So, as I grew up, I learned to be with poetry
There is a small park downstairs in my house. There is a barren hill in the park. There are bamboo and maple leaves on the hill. So there is a quiet place. I often walk alone on the hill when the clouds are hanging all over the sky, facing the starry sunset in the maple leaves, I recite a sentence: “The clouds are flying with the lonely birds, and the autumn water is the same as the sky.” ” On this hill, I am carefree and intoxicated in the realm of poets, my world has a little color.
I always thought I was the only one on that lonely hill. But until one day, I received a letter that I thought was rejected by a magazine, but when I opened the envelope, it wasn’t what I thought it would be. The words were handwritten, not printed in lead. Although the handwriting was unfamiliar, it emitted a faint smell of ink. What made me shudder was the content of my poems recited on the hills. Who will it be?
The letter said that he liked the poems I recited. He said that he liked Li Qingzhao’s Slow Sound. He asked me if I could read them to him at dusk. Oh my God, I was crazy! When I received such an anonymous letter, my closed mind was facing collapse.
But I went to the hill every day to read “Slow Sound” and “Search” to find out the magical correspondent. But everything is in vain. A few days later, I received another letter. She asked me to read Mr. Du Fu’s Wangyue. OK, do it. A week later, the mysterious figure asked me to read another generous and passionate poem, The Life of a Turtle.
One evening, I sat cross-legged in a pile of withered leaves and read “Although the Tortoise Should Live”. Suddenly there was a “cricket” sound behind me. I suddenly turned around and went away in a panic.
“Mom-” I called. The man stopped and looked at me in embarrassment, but his eyes still showed kindness. “Mom-” I cried again, tears came out, and all the water came out. Why did the poetry become more and more exciting? Mother wanted me to get out of my loneliness and loneliness! How could I be so silly, even mother’s pen? You don’t recognize the trail?
Mother hugged me and said, “Read it, I’ll go back and cook for you.” In a word, there is a warm current in my heart. Mother, yes, mother love is bigger than heaven and earth!
Mother turned around and left, a maple leaf fell on my face, I took it in my hands, the first time I found that someone cared about me and loved me; the first time I found that my mother’s letter shone the first ray of sunshine into my grey world; the first time I found that the world suddenly became colorful…
I bent over and picked up a pile of fallen leaves and whispered to the setting sun, “When the setting sun goes down, I should go home, just as everything has not happened before, so it will not be too sad; when the flowers in spring have not flowered, so that the fallen leaves in autumn will not be too lonely… Because maternal love is bigger than heaven and earth!”
I throw up the fallen leaves, they fly in the afterglow of the sunset, they float in the gorgeous sunset, like a geese only to return home.