Friendship never ends

During the summer vacation, I participated in the American study tour organized by the school. During the American days I spent with my classmates, I received many friendships, and more of them were those that went abroad. The warm hospitality of Americans has given me a new understanding of the United States. They don’t have the arrogance and pride of developed countries and treat people peacefully. This is the American people. They are kind, simple and easy to make people feel family-like. Cashiers in convenience stores, street salesmen, playground staff and American children all make us feel the kindness of the United States.
Once, we were going to the convenience store near the hotel to buy something. The salesman was two blacks with bright eyes. One of them had his front teeth crowded askew in front, as if to show how white it was. It was funny that people wanted to laugh, but it was because the front teeth made people feel more approachable. Maybe we have different faces. They smiled and asked us where we came from and how old we were. Seeing that several of our girls have the same short hair, they even lovely ask us if we are sisters. When we answered that we were from China, they expressed their yearning sigh. Although we have different races, different countries and different languages, we still communicate, and body language has been maximized by us. Everyone’s face is sunflower-like smile, warm and brilliant. Maybe because of the language barrier, we can not fully understand what they say. They asked a question. Maybe let’s compare the United States with China. I proudly and proudly shouted, “I love China.” Maybe it wasn’t the question they wanted to ask. Maybe my voice was so loud that they laughed. But I don’t think there’s anything. That’s the sincerest feeling in my heart. I also introduced them to China. Although their accent was not authentic, they listened with great interest. When we were about to walk out of the door after paying the bill, they asked us how many days we would be staying. When they learned that we were leaving, their faces were filled with regret. They finally asked us what the word bye means in China, and we told them that they had funny repetitions of “goodbye” in nonstandard American pronunciation. We responded with a “Good-bye.” Looking at Ken’s big teeth, I don’t know why suddenly I don’t think it’s funny, but I think it’s very kind. Friendship knows no boundaries and no distance.
Another time, we were about to enter a watch shop when a man stopped us. We turned around to be a street salesman in front of the clock shop. She called us over because she was embarrassed to refuse her smiling face and we walked over. She introduced herself first. She told us that she had a friend from Beijing so she could speak some Chinese. We talked for a while. She tried some skin care products and some armor products for us. “One, two, three, four, Five.” As she rubbed a sponge against our nails, she counted carefully. Oh, she looks like a bear, lively and lovely. I can’t help saying, “Five, five is five.” She seemed to suddenly realize, “Five?” “Well.” We bought her products and took photos with her, just because we are friends, anyway, I think so. Although my friends laughed at me when I returned home, she just wanted to sell products, but I don’t believe it. Just because friendship has no reason and no reason.
Friendship, I really can’t tell.