Naomi Osaka Was Eliminated

In the morning of September 3, Beijing time, the 2009 season tennis Grand Slam US Open continued. In the focus of the fourth round of women’s singles, Naomi Osaka, the defending champion and the top seed of the competition, was in a low state. Naomi Osaka lost two sets in succession to No. 13 seed Bensiki in 5-7/4-6, and suffered three successive defeats against the latter. Naomi Osaka will lose the world’s No. 1 ranking after losing the title, while Bencic will enter the top eight of the Grand Slam after five years.
Naomi Osaka, a Japanese supernova, is the defending champion of the US Open. It was here that Naomi Osaka reached the top of the world last season after soaring into the sky. Naomi Osaka, who has experienced a thrilling promotion in the first round of the US Open, has performed better and better since then, winning successively Rinat and Golf. Naomi Osaka encountered No. 13 seed Bensiki in the fourth round. The latter received Kantawitt’s withdrawal ceremony in the last round. The two men had won two games against Bensidge three times before, and both dialogues maintained a winning record this season. Naomi Osaka will fight for revenge.
In the first set, Naomi Osaka, who took the lead in serving, showed a slow heat. The first set mistake sent a score of 30-30. At the critical moment, the baseline had the upper hand in attacking Bencic. The excellent straight-line winning point in backhand got the break point. Naomi Osaka lost the game under pressure. Bencic easily completed the first serve to secure a 2-0 lead. In the third set, Naomi Osaka’s serve was hit again. After the ball was sliced and sent to the break point, Bencic missed many chances continuously and Naomi Osaka finished hair preservation.
In the fourth game, Naomi Osaka began to counter-attack, and Bencic made successive mistakes to send out the breaking point. Naomi Osaka’s bottom line suppressed Bencic’s backhand racket and netting to achieve the breakback score to 2-2 level. Since then, the game has entered into their respective service rhythm, the score has reached 5-5, the key 11th inning score has reached 30-30, Bencic completed a brilliant volley to get the break point, Naomi Osaka adopted the service and tennis tactics, the quality of forehand racket cutting is not high, Bencic completed a brilliant cross-serve break, and then retained the service game 7-5 win first. Dish.
In the second set, the guaranteed score reached 2-2 in the opening stage. Naomi Osaka was still the first to fluctuate in the fifth set. The quality of the volley was not high after 0-30. Naomi Osaka tried to recover the situation by serving, but sent it out in an impatient mood. After losing the game by double errors, Bencic went on to lead 4-2 at Baofa. Naomi Osaka then tried to counter-attack, but Bencic maintained the quality of defense and serve, guaranteed a 6-4 win in the second set.
Ultimately, Bencic beat Naomi Osaka, the No. 1 seed, in two straight sets, 7-5/6-4, and won three consecutive victories against Naomi Osaka this season, reaching the top eight of the Grand Slam after five years. The whole match took 1 hour and 27 minutes. Naomi Osaka completed 9 ACES goals and 3 double errors, of which two key double errors lost the serve, while Bencic made 6 double errors. Naomi Osaka’s success rate was only 57%, and the score rate of Naomi Osaka was 82%. Bencic was 29-26 ahead in winning points, 12-21 was lower than his opponent by unforced mistakes. Naomi Osaka had only one break chance in the breaking stage, while Bencic had three breaks in seven break points.