TenPay has been punished by the central bank for the fourth time.

Recently, according to the announcement of administrative penalty information issued by the Shenzhen Central Branch of the People’s Bank of China recently, Finance Payment Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Finance Payment Technology”) was warned and fined 1.49 million yuan for violating the relevant systems of payment settlement management and protection of financial consumption rights and interests. It is known that this is the fourth time that Caifutong has been fined publicly.
It is worth noting that the central bank fined 30,000 yuan for violating the rules of payment business. At that time, the reason for the fines was that the relevant provisions of the Regulations on the Management of Network Payment Business of Non-Bank Payment Institutions were not strictly implemented. In the latter period, the official said that he had implemented the relevant situation in accordance with the requirements of the People’s Bank of China. Since the promulgation of the Measures for the Management of Network Payment Business of Non-Bank Payment Institutions, the official started the related work of implementing the real-name payment account system in an all-round way.
According to the relevant data, Tenpay is a professional online payment platform officially launched by Tencent in September 2005. Its core business is to help both parties who conduct transactions on the Internet to complete payment and collection. Committed to providing Internet users and enterprises with safe, convenient and professional online payment services.