Bear child damage fire extinguisher

Jingning temple is a famous ancient temple in Weiyuan, Sichuan Province. Not long ago, two “uninvited guests” broke into the quiet ancient temple, a “war” came down, resulting in the damage of 23 fire extinguishers in the temple. On October 22, Red Star News learned from Weiyuan police that the original “intruder” was two 9-year-old bear children, and their parents also paid about 4000 yuan for this.
Two children fight with fire extinguishers in the temple
On October 13, 9-year-old boy Liu and Huang went to Jingning Temple by bike to play. Taking advantage of the unprepared personnel in the temple, the two men sneaked into the Confucian Academy and fought a “war” with fire extinguishers. According to statistics, they successively damaged 23 fire extinguishers in the temple.
After the incident, the temple personnel to Weiyuan County Public Security Bureau to report to the Yi police station. After multiple investigations by the police, two people were found in a primary school in Xiangyi town and their families were informed. After mediation, the parents of the two students compensated about 4000 yuan for their children’s damage to the fire extinguishers in the temple.
Police tips:
Fire extinguishers are not toys. Parents should strengthen education and knowledge popularization for their children, and do not damage public finance or fire extinguishers at will.