39 bodies are Chinese

At 1:40 am local time on the 23rd, British police found 39 bodies in container trucks in an industrial park in Essex. Including British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), “Mirror” and many other British media just said that 39 victims were “Chinese citizens.”

The Chinese Embassy in the UK responded to the Global Times reporter on the 24th. The Embassy saw the report and was in contact with the British police to confirm their identity.

The Global Times-Global Network reporter just asked the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Protection Center. The reply was that the information was being verified in the front and there was no news to be released.

The BBC reported that the police are still interrogating 25-year-old truck driver Mo Robinson, who was previously arrested for murder.

As part of the investigation, the BBC said that Northern Ireland police had raided two homes, and the UK National Crime Investigation Bureau said it was working to identify “organized criminal groups that might be involved in the case.”

Previous reports

According to a report by the British Press Association on the 23rd, the local police said that 39 bodies were found in a container truck in Thurrock, Essex, England. A 25-year-old driver from Northern Ireland was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Chief Superintendent Andrew Marina said: “This is a tragedy and many people have lost their lives. We are investigating to find out what happened.”

The victim includes a teenager and his identity is being confirmed. The police are expected to be a long process.

According to the British “Sun” reported that the truck was found in an industrial park at 1:40 am, registered in Bulgaria, was entered Hollyhead in Wales on Saturday.

It is reported that Holyhead in Wales is the busiest ferry port from the UK to Ireland and the location of the world’s largest sea ferry.